Time to face down the terrorism deniers

THE NEW National Risk Register says a flu pandemic is the greatest risk to national security the UK is facing.

So how long, do you think, before the cry goes up: “We’re wasting time on all this anti-terrorist legislation – prepare for flu instead!” (followed, depressingly and inevitably, by claims that there would be no terrorist threat at all if British foreign policy were different).

Makes about as much sense as one previous commenter on this blog who said that terrorism wasn’t as big a threat to our citizens as the private car, since the number of people killed on our roads was so much higher than the number killed on 7/7.

Before 7/7, the terrorism deniers claimed there was nothing to worry about. After 7/7 they said it was all the government’s fault. The National Risk Register is a useful document, but I hope we will take no notice of those who use it to justify their own refusal to face up to the truth about Islamist terrorism.


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6 responses to “Time to face down the terrorism deniers

  1. Zorro

    Surely in this country far more people are killed on our roads /every year/ than have been killed by Terrorists ever?

    I would think from the partial figures I do know more people were killed by MRSA/C-DIFF in the last couple of years than have ever been killed by Terrorists in this country.

    The terrorists cannot change our way of life. Only you in government can do that for them. Please stop it…

    Please mark me a ‘terrorist denier’. That’s fine.

    Incidentally of course the terrorist threat would not go away if we changed our foreign policy but I would be very surprised if it could not be lessened.

  2. John

    Surely the greatest threat would be a pandemic initiated by a group of terrorists.
    Your government would be blamed, but only for not having the right antidote. Brown wouldn’t dither about though, he’d be the first one in the bunker.

  3. Patchouli

    Have a chat with Lord (Clive) Soley, who chairs the IGO Select Committee; about to be closed down, apparently, after its first report on the global spread of diseases.


    As far as the headline goes, it’s a tad misleading unless they think flu only attacks our forces, emergency services, and other necessary staff to ensure national security. Let’s face it, they’ll be the first to get any meds before the rest of us.

    In any case, the report says a terrorist attack is more likely than a flu event. Hope that makes you feel better.

  4. Also have a chat with Michael Meacher about state-sponsored terrorism.

    Mr Meacher was interviewed for the documentary “Terrorstorm: A History of Government-Sponsored Terrorism” (2006)

    I believe he intended to show it in Parliament, but I’m not sure if he did.

    It is free to watch on Google Video:


    Much of what is discussed is easily verifiable and based on declassified government documents:

    Operation Ajax: MI6/CIA using terror to oust Iranian PM Mossadeq because he nationalised the oil industry.

    Operation Gladio: state-sponsored terror in Europe to discredit radical groups.

    Gulf of Tonkin: US false flag attacks to blame Vietnam.

    USS Liberty: attacked by Israel with help from US in an attempt to blame it on Egypt and start a war.

    As for the section on the 7/7 London bombings – see for yourself that an independent investigation is an absolute necessity.

    Let’s investigate and stop being ‘state-sponsored terrorism deniers’.

  5. Johnny Norfolk

    Perhaps if your government got rid of all these Quangos like Mrs Thatcher did, we would not have all these useless reports telling us about flu & how much we drink, how fast food is bad for us etc.
    It would save millions as well. It is Labour that has set them all up again so you have only yourselves to blame

  6. Had a chance to read Christian Wolmar’s bit on bike bombs Tom? Seems a very persuasive argument – what are we so afraid of?

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