Keeping it in the party

JUST three months after it was formed, the Scottish-Islamic Foundation was awarded £215,000 by the SNP government, even though it hadn’t actually submitted all the necessary paperwork, according to today’s Scotland on Sunday.

SIF was founded, and is led, by SNP candidate Osama Saeed, who is also a former employee of First Minister Alex Salmond.

The report goes on:

“Along with Saeed, the SIF is being run by several other SNP figures, including SNP researcher Humza Yousaf, MSP Bashir Ahmed and former SNP researcher Noman Tahir. The board also contains members of Saeed’s family.”

In the meantime, Labour MSP Johann Lamont has asked a number of pertinent parliamentary questions about the “arrangement”.


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2 responses to “Keeping it in the party

  1. Both the Scotsman piece and Johann Lamont’s questions refer to a “Scottish Islamic Foundation”.

    But no such organisation exists. It’s the “Scottish-Islamic Foundation”.

    The difference of a hyphen may be almost imperceptible, but it’s significant in terms of what some commentators believe are the organisation’s ideological roots.

  2. malcolm

    Tom, Once again Labour trying to show SNP up, when will you learn that not everybody is like Labour , milking public money ala Marshall, or slush funds via the Smith think tank. Labour are the party of dodgy deals, try to sort your own house out first.

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