The Language of The New Scotland

MORE observant visitors to this site will have noticed I’ve been updating the content and design of my blogroll. At the risk of it becoming too long and unwieldy, I’ve today added Scottish Unionist, a blog I’ve found myself popping in on quite a lot recently. Impressively, he’s doing a fine job in exposing the insane rants of the famed “cyber-gnats” with an illuminating post yesterday.

I tried this myself when I started this blog, with a series of posts entitled “The Language of the New Scotland”. I gave up, though, because it was just too depressing to have to go into The Herald site to read the latest weird, racist, homophobic, misogynist, paranoid delusions of people who, I’m convinced, are posting in the wee small hours because they have to wait for their mums to go to bed before they can use the computer.

SNP politicians, whose party these strange individuals support, do nothing to condemn or criticise the cyber-gnats, so it’s up to people like Scottish Unionist to do so. But beware: exposing yourself to any amount of the putrid vitriol spouted by our nationalist friends can badly damage your emotional health.



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5 responses to “The Language of The New Scotland

  1. That’s very gratifying, Tom. Thank you!

  2. Jane Spencer

    Since when did political parties have to become responsible for the people who may or may not vote for them?

    Maybe you could try disowning Terry Kelly, who isn’t a supporter, he’s actually an elected Labour politician and served as Wendy’s election agent.

    He has some rather interesting views about Israel amongst other things…

  3. Johnny Norfolk

    So many of New labour came from the BBC and the press, so with their contacts you have been given an easy time. So I can see it comes as a shock when things turn against you. I think you had better get used to it as it will get worse.

    I think its great that your power bases in Wales and Scotland are no more. The Welch and the Scotts have woken up to the fact that you have kept them in poverty by blaming the English Tories for doing it, and not doing anywhere near enough for the people. When you look at traditional Labour areas in all of Britain you have just kept people on benifit and not tackled the deep rooted problems. We need an enterprise economy that frees people to get on, not bossy labour thinking it can run things by taxing and spending our money better, as you cannot.

  4. Consuela Bananahammock

    “exposing yourself to any amount of the putrid vitriol spouted by our nationalist friends can badly damage your emotional health.” You are not kidding. I get round some of this by using false, but annoying, noms-de-guerre when posting helpful remarks whe my mum lets me have a go at the computer..

    One interesting thing I noticed today is that the SNP supporters are now taking offence at being described as “nationalist”. In the story in today’s Herald announcing the coronation of a new leader for the SNP group in Glasgow City Council, at, nationalists are taking grave exception to being described as nationalists, while at the same time complaining that Andrew Marr’s new TV programme doesn’t mention Scotland enough.

    Imagine if they knew where we lived?

  5. Andrew

    Hi Tom

    Kind of you to tar everyone who posts on The Herald site, with the same brush.

    There are many obnoxious posts on The Herald site, The Scotsman site, and some beauties that AM2 has ‘carefully selected’ for his s/unionist site (“It’s his trainset”, someone said to me.)

    What I would like to add, however, is that some of the most obnoxious and abusive posts, although fewer in number, come from a Unionist persuasion. I can see, however, that they are ‘carefully ignored.’

    There’s something about the integrity of this that really bothers me. I think the euphemism “subjective” is used to justify this phenomenon.

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