Have these people no shame?

DAVID Tennant was reportedly forced to flee a theatre where Catherine Tate was performing in her new play, after he was spotted by an anorak of geeks (“anorak” being the collective noun, obviously).

Have these people no shame? Or girlfriends, even? Well, obviously not, but shame?



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3 responses to “Have these people no shame?

  1. angeelsque

    I’ve mentioned this on another site, but from what I’ve read elsewhere, he was indeed mobbed after the play… by a load of paparazzi. He saw the play, went in the stage door to presumably congratulate Catherine, then was ambushed by a load of paps as he left, hence the face of thunder in the pictures. Hadn’t heard anything about any unruly fans…?

  2. John

    Given all the enemies he has come across as the Dr. a few geeks or paparazzi shouldn’t phase him

  3. Patchouli

    I’m ashamed to admit that, as one of a giggle of schoolgirls watching Derek Jacobi playing Hamlet, we spied Derren Nesbitt in the audience and mobbed him during the interval. In mitigation, it wasn’t Stratford, and he was hot at the time.

    You know you bated me. I have a very understanding husband and am fashionably bipolar (anything to save the bears, poor things).

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