The Harris Hawk

BEING a proper tourist today, with a go on the London Eye. Ronnie came with me but Carolyn – who’s afraid of heights – opted to stay on terra firma with Reggie. Perfect weather and an amazing view. This was my third trip on it; I have to conclude it’s much less scary when you’ve been plied with drink beforehand (which today I hadn’t been).

Then to the terrace at the Commons to make the most of the weather. As we began to eat, a bloke emerged with a bird of prey on his gloved hand. The fierce looking beast is apparently used to scare off the local pigeons, and I was thankful not to see any of them being gutted and eaten by the hawk; it would have really put me off my humous.

Bob Spink, the only other MP around, asked the beast master what kind of hawk it was. “A Harris Hawk,” he replied. I relayed this information to Ronnie across the table. He thought for just a second and then asked, rather anxiously: “What do they do to Harrises?”



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4 responses to “The Harris Hawk

  1. SW

    Are your children really called Ronnie and Reggie? Was that a deliberate homage?

  2. SW – No, not really. I never identify my kids by their real names; same as I never use their pics in election literature. I’ve previously referred to them as Asbo (the younger one) and The Midwich Cuckoo, but “Ronnie and Reggie” seems more appropriate.

  3. Gosh – you’re determined to wind ’em up today eh? First a post that reminds them that Labour will probably win the next general election and now one t r t t MPs not only have time off but can take their families to the terrace – a treat denied to us onery folk wot put u there…

  4. John

    Re Brian Hughes comment.
    I don’t know about winding ’em up, but I think it was more a case of you going round in circles, especially on the ‘Eye’
    The economy seems to have gone from recession (in the 90’s) and is heading back round to it again.
    At least, unlike Darling/Brown you don’t seem to have mastered the art of U-turning. Yet.

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