‘Dave’ has a new McGuffin

HITCHCOCK called it a McGuffin. Cameron’s McGuffin used to be the environment. Now his focus groups have told him The Broken Society ticks more boxes.

You have to ask: if he doesn’t believe it, why should anyone else?



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23 responses to “‘Dave’ has a new McGuffin

  1. Jeremy Poynton

    Dunno, but here is how New Stasi destroy the lives of innocent people and their familes


    Still waiting for Tom’s justification of New Stasi’s onslaught on ourr civil liberties. Still waiting.

  2. Johnny Norfolk

    Tom. Could you tell me one thing that Labour has done since you came to power that has increased the money wealth of the nation ( not the government). I can think of massive spending, but no earning. Everyone I know is now worse off.

  3. Zorro

    You;ll be waiting a long time Jeremy.


    I really don’t know why I’m giving the Labour party advice but if you concentrate on bashing Dave you will lose the next election by an even larger margin than necessary. (and that’s saying something) – I just worked out why I’m giving you advice – Much as I detest your party and what you’ve done to this country, any party having too large a majority is a bad thing for democracy. Labour has proved that to me – so I don’t want Gordon wiping the Labour party out completely, I want /some/ sort of opposition to the Tories after 2010)

    Nobody knows what Gordon or the ‘labour’ party stands for. You need to put Gordon’s vision across if you can, no matter how two dimensional it may be.

    And more to the point you need to do something about the state of the economy, however thanks to Gordons tax, borrow, spend mentality there is no money left to help ‘hard working families’, or anyone else.

    Unless of course he decides to start taxing the rich more, in which case in a fortnight we won’t have anyone rich left, except of course you politicians as you will no doubt exclude yourselves from any new taxes…

    I fear at this point if Gordon tries to tax or borrow his way out of this mess that we could have another peasants revolt.

  4. Jeremy Poynton

    More New Stasi stupidity. Deep, profound, depressing STUPIDITY



  5. Jeremy Poynton

    Not only venal, but stupid as well


    Electorate turned off by ‘toff bashing’

    Cat got your tongue, Tom? Or would it annoy Big Gordo if you answered any of my points or questions with anything other than the party line?

    In which case – what is the ****ing point of this blog?

  6. Madasafish

    well, I read the article and am looking for the bit where Cameron says he does not believe in The Broken Society.

    I know Labour do: they have done their best and managed to make social mobility – i.e. the ability of the poor to break out of their poverty – the worst it has been for over 11 years.. worse than under the Tories.

    An amazing achievemnt for a “socialist “party.


  7. Jeremy Poynton

    Our money – “So what”, says Number 10


  8. Jeremy Poynton

    And this outrage was all of three years back …


  9. Jeremy Poynton

    Zorro wrote …

    “Nobody knows what Gordon or the ‘labour’ party stands for. You need to put Gordon’s vision across if you can, no matter how two dimensional it may be.”

    Hmmm. I think I am right in thinking that we are STILL waiting for Big Gordo’s vision of whatever. I seem to recall him asking for time to formulate said vision (which is odd, since he’s been desperate for Our Tone’s job from the moment they got into power).

    Hello Gordon, hello Gordon, time up mate, please can we have a vision or two eh? Some Moses stuff, or summat like that, given that you are a Son Of The Manse and all that, which apparently makes you different to other folk (though we figured that out a long way back).

    Someone, somewhere, give the poor man a vision. Or he’ll have to go pick some shrooms…

  10. Jeremy – your ever more frequent rants are now being intercepted by my spam filter, I’m relieved to say. Having a quiet day, I’m guessing?

  11. Jeremy Poynton

    Just waiting for some answers, Tom, and passing the time as a picador

  12. Jeremy Poynton

    Rants? You ain’t seen nothing. So here’s one, you jumped up little shit.

    Given I have had more feedback from a brick wall, I’m out of here. Fuck you, Tom, you are all slime and smiles, like Bliar, and week and cowardly to refuse to answer voters – and taxpayers – legitimate questions of you.

    Spineless, that’s what you are.

  13. Comparing me with TB? Why, thanks, Jeremy, I appreciate that.

  14. I guess Jeremy’s gone the same way as Wrinkled Weasel, but with no points for style this time.

    Comparisons with TB are not good, Tom.

    It is tempting to use vulgarities, but in a nutshell, the man is the personification of everything rotten in this world – everything!

    I could spend all day writing apt adjectives to describe this traitor whose soul is dripping with the blood of innocents.

    Now that you’re back in the relative sanity of the South Side of Glasgow (as opposed to Westminster or Labour HQ), maybe you can indeed start answering questions.

    I wonder how you will answer for your behaviour on the Day of Judgment. Take the Fifth or blame the Tories like you do on your blog?

  15. Brian


    I’ve read your blog quitely for something near to two weeks only once lowering myself to post.

    Alas with regards to your posts in response to the comments in this thread, it is clear as to why yourself and your mates are unelectable.

    Sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting ‘LA-LA-LALALAL-LA!’ when criticized is no way to conduct oneself.

  16. Brian – sorry you feel that way, but when readers post comments that are rude and obnoxious then I feel entirely justified in mocking them. As for responding to people’s comments, I’m not aware of any other blog where the author is expected to respond on demand to comments posted.

  17. Madasafish

    As I have said before, I admire Tom for letting us comment.

    People who abuse that privilege – which it is – are stupid, obnoxious and destroy their own case:

    And yes I don’t agree Tom’s politics but that is no cause for abuse.

  18. Brian

    Understandable Tom, apologies if I come across as rather cross and it is refreshing to find an MP willingly engaging with the public in a free for all.

    Generally, the first thing to do would be to put a swear filter on the comments so that half of Jeremy’s rants become love hearts and kisses. It would certainly provide great amusement to us more moderate pro-independence thinkers 🙂

    Okay, maybe that would be a waste of time, but just banning idiots would probably make your life easier and better for everyone. They would whine and whine about it… but since that’s what they do anyway there’s no loss.

  19. Ani

    . …”MP willingly engaging with the public in a free for all”…..
    No. Sorry. This is pathetic.
    Is this blog set up as some sort of weird tory relief site?
    The repetitive ranting is unbelievable.

  20. So, are you criticising me or these other guys? They’re not with me, honestly.

  21. Ani

    Tom. I’m criticising the morons who rant on here using you as a punch bag.
    What’s pathetic is that they take advantage to be as offensive and ignorant as possible to a “real life actual responding Labour MP”
    Wow! It must really get their rocks off.
    And you let them!
    Use that delete button and get rid of the goading rubbish
    From Ani – Proud to be a member of the Labour Party.

  22. Ani – it’s tempting, believe me. You might think some of these comments are barmy, but you should see those I actually delete!

    I take the view that there’s very little point in blogging unless you allow – even invite – comments. Inevitably there are those who want to make party political points, but then, that’s what I do, so I can’t complain.

  23. Ani

    OK Tom. Your blog. But I’ve made party points (politely) to some blogs and they don’t get aired, so you’re more than forgiving to some of the w…erm contributors who post here.
    So, for a cheerful change, here’s a couple of party points found today on the blogosphere for us to enjoy, me to unashamedly smirk about, and your regular ranters to seethe over.

    How about Team Gordon Brown doing so excellently today? – all those golds eh? Only in Gordon’s team could we have won more medals than in the last 100 years (according to tonight’s news)

    Tim Parker has resigned as Boris’ First Deputy Mayor. That’s the third in 100 days.
    Dale is spinning it like a whirling dervish, but ConHome is anxious. Rightly. Aren’t we all.?

    FT “Projects worth billions of pounds – (Heathrow, ID cards and power plants) – face revision or cancellation if the Conservatives win the next election, Business leaders have called on David Cameron to fill the “huge void” in some policy areas to mitigate the political uncertainty affecting companies in the run-up to the general election.”
    Hmm. Huge void says it all. Have to say though, there haven’t been that many business complaints in recent years. Might do better to stick with what they know.

    Stefan Stern in the FT says (of Cameron) “ignorance and bad taste been combined to such devastating rhetorical effect. Shame there wasn’t a shrinking glacier for Mr Cameron to visit in Georgia, too. Then the photo-op would have been perfect.”
    Ouch! Cameron struts and spouts, while the PM works diplomatically behind the scenes.

    Oh gawd. Sir John being rolled out again in another, virtually weekly, desperate attempt to ‘secure his legacy’ with his witterings this time on the lottery, and him enjoying the subsidised theatre. It might seem more appropriate if rich people like him volunteered to pay full whack, but then that’s just my narkiness, and I seem to remember the Churchill’s were incredibly grateful to him for his first lottery handout.


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