The NHS: Labour’s promise kept

SNOWFLAKE 5 has an outstanding piece on the NHS’s 60th birthday. It was previously linked from one of the comments left in a previous thread but, having read it again, I think it deserves its own posting.




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11 responses to “The NHS: Labour’s promise kept

  1. Johnny Norfolk

    Ah yes the NHS. You did not mention in your manifesto that we in England would not be having free prescriptions as per Scotland or Wales, or the drugs you could have would depend on where you live, and that you were more likly than ever to catch an infection whilst you are in hospital. and you would pay even more to park your car when visiting a sick relative. You are now all believing your own spin. Have a look at John Redwoods blog about the reality about drugs on the NHS.
    Oh yes and the civil servants that now get BUPA as part of their package.

    I now ask everyone I meet who would you prefere as PM the current one or John Major. Try it and find out.

  2. The Tories massively increased the cost of prescriptions.

    The Tories permitted ‘hotel charges’ like car parking charges.

    Yet you still want to cut taxes and borrowing. Are you a moron, or do you just think we are?

    The Tories privatised the cleaning services, which hardly helped, but MRSA has increased massively throughout the world, not just hospitals (and certainly not just the NHS). In the last decade the (US) CDC estimates that MRSA infections doubled. There’s just more of it around.

    John Redwood and John Major were part of the problem, they’re not part of the solution.

    But you’re right, BUPA shouldn’t be seen as a perk. It should be seen as an unnecessary irrelevance.

  3. Johnny Norfolk

    So why have you not reversed all these things you find wrong. You just have not got a clue on how to run things. all you do is knock down never build.
    You have had more than a decade to change these things. Why have you not taken hospital cleaning back in house if it is the answer to MRSA. Just answer that.

  4. You and Snowflake don’t seem to have got the hang of being British bloggers at all! All these upbeat posts – what about some “traditional” British gloom and despondency?!

    PS the NHS has indeed been transformed in the last decade. It’s something for Labour to be hugely proud of both for setting up in the first place (against huge opposition from the Tories and many doctors) and for having rescued it from 18 years of wilful neglect by the Thatcher/Major government.

    PPS isn’t it strange how those who claim to want decision making in the NHS devolved then complain about the inevitable results of devolving decision making in the NHS eg different policies (eg charging vs not charging for some prescriptions) in different areas?

  5. Madasafish

    Well anyone with any forsight can see the NHS as it stands cannot survive the challenges of the next 20 years: it will consume increasing amounts of inputs to look after the aging post war bby boomers.

    I look forward to seeing its plans…

    A centralised system requiring patients to travel 10 + miles for an appointment coupled with car parking charges is going to go down well with the over 70s.

  6. Auntie Flo'

    How many people have been removed from NHS waiting lists because they are wrongly told that they are untreatable and to go home and make the best of the little time they have left?

    This is what happened to a friend of mine who was denied treatment on the grounds that she too old for life saving treatment for cancer because she’s in her 50s.

    And how many people have been removed from the waiting lists because they used their life savings to pay privately for their own treatment or went overseas?

    Self funding must be a growing trend as, until they were forced to change their mind by a public outcry, the government stated that those who funded their own treatment should not receive NHS treatment for the same condition at a later stage.

  7. Johnny Norfolk

    When in opposition the Labour party fought tooth and nail to stop any reforms by the Conservative government only on political grounds. I hold labour fully responsable for the failings of the NHS. Why should people in Scotland and Wales have free perscriptions and the English not ,it is discrimination on ethnic grounds. Why should people in my area be given drugs that someone in another area cannot have, again its discrimination on where you live. You have made the NHS less fair and have created more discrimination. Why have you not made cleaning in house if it will reduce MRSA. Let have some answers instead of Labour smokescreens. Your time has run out.

  8. Johnny Norfolk

    You see Brian Hughes you have not got a clue. Government sets out its basic requirements, Waiting times, any charges that can be made etc. it sets out the stratagy and lets the professionals deliver within budget, so you would not have major differences in what is available only how it is delivered. Its the same in Education and people that are not able to deliver are sacked it as simple as that. Its called reality.

  9. Madasafish

    Brian is correct in that devolving decisions mean that you will end up with differing outcomes if one (unelected) Health Trust makes a different decision from another (unelected ) Heath Trust.

    And of course if you live in Scotland you get a totally different set of decisions including free prescriptions and ditto Wales…

    So is Brian criticisng devolved accountability? If so it’s Labour’s fault for separatiing Welsh and Scottish NHS systems.

    LABOUR’s . Period. No one else. not the SNP or the Conservatives…

    Ooops you did not mention that…

  10. Those comments alone tell you all you need to know – Labour saved the NHS, the Tories hate it and won’t fund it.

  11. Johnny Norfolk

    Not only can you not run things you are also deluded if you believe Labour have “saved the NHS” its a ridiculous and childish statement.

    If you had worked with the Conservatives in 80s & 90s on the reforms over a 30 year period it would not have the problems it has now. Dont worry the Tories will be back to sort it out for you.
    What is the timetable to take the cleaning back in house by the way.

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