The triumph of the misplaced apostrophe

I KNOW that pedants are scorned almost as much as politicians these days, but a look at the website of a well-known Scottish newspaper has depressed me.

Unless the headline refers to a snub by Bridget McConnell and the word “wife” was accidentally missed out…

And in Britain, we don’t capitalise each word of a headline: that’s an American practice.

I do hope it was written by someone on work experience.



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8 responses to “The triumph of the misplaced apostrophe

  1. Can I persuade you to become a hyphen pedant too?

  2. If I have offended, then please let me know, that I may repent

  3. Malcolm

    Certainly shoddy journalism and editing , unfortunately it seems to be the level of Scottish newspapers at present , lots of poor articles.

  4. Stu

    Even Americans don’t capitalise all the words in a headline. It’s is not an American practice per se, more of a ‘sloppy writing’ practice.

    Of course, in the modern world you can get away with sloppy writing, thanks to John Gruber’s Title Case script, which is also available as a WordPress plugin… He lists common ‘small words’ (words which shouldn’t be capitalised) as: a an and as at but by en for if in of on or the to v(.) via vs(.)

    I Quite Like Using Title Case, Actually. It Differentiates Headlines From Normal Text.

  5. Martin Cullip

    It’s not just Scottish newspapers, the misplaced or missed out apostrophe is everywhere these days, as are spelling mistakes. I know it is said that one shouldn’t be a pedant, but it drives me mad seeing these things so I’m right with you there Tom.

    Just today, my business received a reference request from Ocado asking for “… total absences and reason’s” and also a mass-printed glossy leaflet from our water company containing two spelling mistakes in one heading … both probably written and checked by someone with about 4 A-level A* grades. đŸ˜‰

  6. Even more amusing typo, this time in america, where everything must be better, even mistakes.

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