Boris: Cameron is talking ‘piffle’

Quote of the week so far:

If you believe the politicians, we have a broken society, in which the courage and morals of young people have been sapped by welfarism and political correctness. And if you look at what is happening at the Beijing Olympics, you can see what piffle that is.

Coffee House tells all. Boris, the country’s best-known Tory, is, of course, talking about the favourite phrase of that other bloke, Dave.

I would love to have eavesdropped on the subsequent phone call between the two.



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5 responses to “Boris: Cameron is talking ‘piffle’

  1. Johnny Norfolk

    At least Boris has a mind and opinion of his own and is prepared to express it. Labour would do better to do the same instead of behaving like sheep.

  2. Ha Ha. The apologist for the cyber-Tories looks red faced, even from here!

  3. For the Union

    Mr HARRIS – you are a Minister. Surely you can see the huge embarrassment this could cause Cameron during a Olympic celebration….Britain has never been stronger in 100 years. He promised to be a “great social reformer” on the back of a broken society.

    Someone should remind Mr Cameron that the BRITISH people are not broken and NEVER will be. Broken society? Where? 16 gold medals…..

    Blair would have tried to capture the Olympic glory when such a blatant opportunity is there. Even Cameron’s own mayor thinks it is the talk of FOOLS.

  4. Auntie Flo'

    The phrase broken society was first used by Blair, Tom.

    However, I agree with you that the phrase is inappropriate, UK isn’t broken, it’s smashed to smithereens.

  5. Auntie Flo'

    Temporarily smashed, that is, it’s fixable, just not by nulab.

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