A MEMBER of staff must have come across this when Googling my name. He forwarded it to me with the query: “A new sideline?”

It’s not, though. Really.


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7 responses to “Stunned

  1. Mo Daniels

    This is a really helpful website; here it gives advice on how to deal with visiting relatives/nuclear war in your very own “basic” panic room:

    “…basic panic rooms are becoming more popular. They’re constructed of weather-resistant materials and are stocked with gas masks and potassium iodine tablets to protect against biological and nuclear attacks. And some manufacturers claim their rooms can accommodate families for an extended stay — even as long as a month.”

  2. James

    I can go one better, Tom. You’ve just been nicked on The Bill for stealing goods, in tonight’s episode. If you want to find out what’s going to happen to you tune in to ITV1 now (8-9pm)

  3. scotto voce

    Come on Tom, a ‘member of staff’?! We all know politicians, you perhaps more than most, google your own names on at least a weekly basis…….

  4. Of course I Google my own name! But if I had found this myself, I would have said so. Good grief, you people are cynical!

  5. Wes Mantooth

    Hi Tom, on this question of staff…where exactly is your constituency office?



  6. c/o Queens Park FC, Sommerville Drive, Mount Florida, Glasgow G42 9BA.

  7. Wes Mantooth

    Cool, you have an office at Hampden!

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