The nationalists’ vision for Scotland, courtesy of Photoshop

SCOTTISH Unionist calls it “petty politicking”. He’s wrong. It’s “lying”.

The Scottish “government”, according to the Edinburgh Evening News, has doctored a photograph of Edinburgh Castle to replace the Union flag with a St Andrew’s flag.

It would be a statement of the bleedin’ obvious to point out that such an act is dishonest and Stalinist. It’s also a (presumably deliberate) insult to every serving and former member of our armed services.

Why are the nationalists so scared of their websites showing images of Scotland as it actually is, rather than Scotland as they want it to be? Could Salmond’s famous chutzpa disguise a deeper insecurity?

The SNP always told us they had a vision for Scotland. They didn’t tell us they were going to use Photoshop to make it.


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24 responses to “The nationalists’ vision for Scotland, courtesy of Photoshop

  1. Andrew F

    Stalinist? How the hell did you figure that one out?

  2. Johnny Norfolk

    I dont know why you keep complaining about all this . Its your party that have created it. Just another thing that has gone wrong for you. People just keep voting the wrong way !

  3. Steven F

    C’mon Tom! Are you just unhappy because James Purnell didn’t get photoshopped into the background? I could call that particular stunt “Orwellian”, but that would be as OTT as labelling the above item “Stalinist”.

    Of course, if the Saltire was flown above Edinburgh Castle more often, then there would be the chance to use a photo of the real thing. Sadly, the deep insecurity would seem to be on the part of the MOD, for whom it’s the Union Jack or nothing.

    Except of course when it comes to the posters designed to persuade the youngsters of Scotland to “Be a Scottish Soldier”. There’s a nice big Saltire on those posters too. Clearly, the Army have worked out that wrapping themselves in the Union Jack doesn’t help their appeal in Scotland. Perhaps the Labour Party in Scotland might take note?

    And, of course, I look forward to your next post criticising the MOD for their (presumably deliberate) insult to every serving and former member of our armed forces…

  4. Steven F makes a good point. I look forward to your blasting the MOD for insulting servicemen & women. One word for you – piffle. Just because (so it would appear anyway) Labour are ashamed of the saltire and its association with the Scottish nation doesn’t mean that others are.

    Just think though Tom, if only your party had only been a wee bit more supportive of Scotland in the 8 years of power you had in the Scottish Parliament, the electorate might not have abandoned you in the huge numbers they did. And then, well, you probably wouldn’t be in the position you now are.

    Just a thought.

  5. Madasafish

    I think the Scots are lucky. At least the SNP have a vision for Scotland..
    As an exiled Scot who used to live in Edinburgh, I am sitting waiting for Gordon Brown’s “vision” for the UK..

    As for the SNP photoshopping the Scottish flag being an insult to the Armed Forces, perhaps you could elaborate further? I’m being a bit slow today and cannot see it (the insult that is, not the flag).

  6. Why’s this an insult to former members of the armed forces? No really, I don’t understand, can someone explain it for me?

    Photoshopping is always a daft idea, they should’ve just found a different picture that doesn’t feature the union flag if they didn’t want to use it.

  7. meme

    What a ridiculous blog post.

  8. Brian

    I’ll post the same thing I posted over at Scottish Unionist 5 minutes ago on this issue…

    Rabble, rabble, rabble, computer generated picture of a flag, rabble….


    Storm in a

  9. Jim Baxter

    I’m with you Tom. No trick is too cheap for the Nationalists. The real trick is to show how much better you are. Guys in tails suits at the Crewe and Nantwich election don’t quite cut the mustard, a moronic tactic approved by Teamless GB if reports are to be believed.

    Stop being as bad as they are. People are willing you on and are being disappointed daily. Get rid of Brown. He’s dreadful. Put Alan Johnson in the job. Strongarm him if you have to, whatever. But think of the country for once. Not you Tom, I have no doubt that you do think of the country, I mean your party.

  10. Auntie Flo'

    Excellent points, Steven F. Why didn’t Tom criticise, Purrrnell, the cologned cloud of self delight, when his image was photo shopped into a photograph in order to deceive the public?

    While I agree that the SNP images are often over romanticised, Tom, it’s way too pot to kettle for a nulab like you to complain about spin and distortion of the truth.

  11. Flo – the incident you’re talking about was wrong and should never have happened. It was an attempt by the publication in question to mislead the public and I condemn it. Now, what about this photo of Edinburgh Castle – justified or not?

  12. Looking at most of these comments by entirely sane, well-balanced nationalists, I have reached the conclusion that there is nothing – literally NOTHING – that the SNP could do that they would not justify,whether it’s having your picture taken firing a Kalashnikov, doctoring photos for a “government”-run website for propaganda purposes or giving half a million quid to hastily set-up organisations run by close friends of the First Minister.

  13. Auntie Flo'

    Re your 1.45 pm comment.


    I’m a nationalist, Tom. English, Scots, Irish and Welsh nationalism, I support them all. Yet my posting does not support distortion of the truth by any of them.

    And will you please cut out this zenophobic assumption of yours that nationalism means Scots’.

  14. Sorry Tom, just had to come back and say that, as an entirely sane nationalist (non-politically affiliated) that the actions can’t be justified. But nor can many of the spin exercises carried out by Labour.

    I also wonder who it was that doctored the picture and used it, probably an over-zealous civil servant (or subcontractor)!

    Also I think the application of the term stalinist to the SNP is really a bit strong, if we are going to start applying such terms it would really better fit the Labour party in Westminster …

  15. The Aberdonian

    What is wrong with the term “government”?

    Do you only refer to Mr Brown as “First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service” as there is no statutory definition of the office of “Prime Minister”. First statutory mention is 1906 of such an office which mearly said that person would have a salary – meaning Disraeli, Gladstone and other lumeries were in fact self-aggrandising and constitutionally criminal.

    Bye and bye, the regime in Northern Ireland from 1921-1972 styled itself the “government” and its head “the prime minister” (you therefore had the priviledge of being born in the UK which had two PMs! – with one living in a Castle – Stormont that is).

    Now you will invoke the 1998 Scotland Act. May I point out that the Government of Ireland Act 1920 only provided for a “Chief Executive” and “an executive committee of the privy council of Northern Ireland”.

    Of course constitutionally that is what the UK government is “the executive committee of the privy council of the UK”.

    Of course the person who first coined the term “Scottish government” was actually a Labour bod. I think it was McLeish but certainly it was parroted by McCabe. At a function I attended in December 2006 Mr McCabe made a speech in front of the great and good and said the term “Scottish government” around twenty times.

    Maybe it says a lot about the collective brittle ego of the post-imperial British state that some individuals running it get upset on these matters.

    You do not get upset about that peedy island in the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man (admittedly a dependency) having a government!

  16. Some good points, Aberdonian. I will mull them over.

  17. Jim Baxter

    Sorry folks, this is site is a a great contribution to democracy, but there is no such thing as a sane nationlaist. Contradiction in terms. Make Labour electable again. Alan Johnson is magnficent. He has serious, important things to say, but also has a light, humorous, natural style. The country will fall fo him. Tom, for God’s sake. you must know the man. Tell him we like him. Tell him he can save us. tell him we want him. Tell him it’s his *****NG DUTY!

  18. Brian Hall

    “giving half a million quid to hastily set-up organisations run by close friends of the First Minister.”

    Doesn’t NuLab have the Smith Institute. I think they are close friends with Tory bloggers such as Guido Fawkes and I’m sure you have viewed the summarised critique of said organisation.

    Basically not only is this the storm in the virtual teacup, but its also pots and kettles insisting that the other is more onyx.

  19. Jim Baxter

    Apologies for all the typos. I just wanted to say, Prime Minister, I accept that you have a core of true decency, although I don’t think you played your hand too well. Get out, for the sake of your party and the country, You’re not cut out for the job. Get out. Cite health reasons, safe face in any way you can, but get out.

  20. Madasafish

    No Jim Baxter.
    Don’t say that.
    Gordon is doing a wonderful job . Let’s give him two more years (well nearly). His work is unfinished.. he’s just started..

    Gordon should stay. Anyone who suggests otherwise wants Labour to win the Next General Election.

  21. I think – if you are classing me as one of these “sane, well-balanced nationalists” that you speak of – then you won’t find anything in my comment that justifies this.

    Two things I think about it – one, it was done as a publicity thing for some event and the “Scottish” element is part of that. Two, it was a daft thing to do. BUT – the discussion over it has also been ridiculous. I guess the principle “any publicity [for the event] is good publicity” is very much in evidence…

  22. Thanks for publishing this. Irrespective of thje merits of independence, on which I am agnostic such airbrushing of the truth is ALWAYS wrong.

  23. commenter


    I can only guess that the ‘shopped-out union flag was taken out and shot in the back of the head.

    We’re all doomed I tells ya.

  24. commenter

    PS: It was a dumb move by whoever did it, and they deserve ridicule.

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