Yeah, right

GEORGE Osborne has just illustrated why this is called “the silly season” by claiming the Conservatives are best placed to tackle poverty.

Perhaps the first version of his speech to Demos also included the following claims:

Jeremy Clarkson is best placed to manage cycling policy

John Redwood is best placed to organise the office Christmas party

Michael Gove is best placed to organise the stripper

Shami Chabrabarti is best placed to run Belmarsh prison

Alex Salmond is best placed to run the “Humility is Strength” workshop

Michael Moore is best placed to raise funds for W’s presidential library

Brian Haw is best placed to head the “Keep Parliament Square Tidy” taskforce

George Osborne is best placed to be the next Chancellor

Etc, etc…

Other suggestions welcome, but be warned: I will only publish those that I think are funny.



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8 responses to “Yeah, right

  1. Stu

    Tom Harris MP best placed to provide internet censorship?

    OK, OK, no need for that, I know, I’m sorry.

    How about Gordon Brown best placed to provide economic stability?

    That one gets funnier every time I hear it.

  2. Zim Flyer

    Robert Mugabe is best placed to solve Zimbabwe’s problems

  3. David Cameron is best placed to lay out clear and fully costed policies before the next election.

    Cyber-Tories are best placed to be both polite and accurate in their comments.

  4. DafT is best placed to specify a replacement to the High Speed Train?

  5. Michael Howard is best placed to increase the UK’s use of solar power.

    A man who supports the death penalty is best placed to comment on civil liberties.

    Nadine Dorries is best placed to encourage a mature and reasoned debate about abortion.

    William Hague is best placed to tackle teenage binge drinking.

    Sebastian Coe is best placed to deliver the London Olympics.

    Caroline Spelman is best placed to lead an investigation into the Conservative Party’s use of expenses.

    Digby Jones is best placed to be the minister for trade in a Labour Government.

  6. I wish there were MPs like Brian Haw.

  7. George Bush is best placed to lecture Russia on international law.

    David Miliband is best placed to inspire people to give Labour a victory.

    On the other hand I think Clarkson’s policy on cyclists would would involve a useful amount of shock & awe.

  8. Gary Glitter is best placed to … no, no that’ll never do.

    Myra Hindley is best placed to … no, no that’ll never do.

    Boris Johnson is best placed to … no, no that’ll never do.


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