…and Harris takes silver

IAIN Dale reports that John Redwood has topped the Total Politics poll of MPs’ blogs, with this blog coming in second. Not bad, considering And another thing… has only been going for five months.

Thank you to everyone who bothered to vote.


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9 responses to “…and Harris takes silver

  1. Johnny Norfolk

    John Redwoods blog is outstanding. He is spot on with his forward thinking, even if he does not know the words to the Welch anthem.

    He is hated by the BBC as he is just to honest for them. I would comend everyone to read it and rejoice.

  2. Johnny Norfolk

    Oh and well done Tom yours is a great blog and you are the only member of the government we can communicate with. and thanks for posting my blogs as I just about disagree with you about everything.

    My only concern is you just dont take any notice of the free advice we give you.

    Do you read John Redwoods ?what do you think. ? If you disagree with it all then you have no chance

  3. Redwood isn’t Scottish. You got gold in Salmond’s book. 😉

  4. James

    Perhaps if you should start charging Tom for your ‘free’ advice Johnny, he may take some of it onboard then.
    But then again, this government waste millions on advisers, quangos and reports and look where they are in the poll ratings now 🙂
    At least Tom has the bottle to publish adverse comments.

  5. Jim Baxter

    Tom, as I’ve said to Mr Dale, you are one of the two people in the country who makes democracy worthwhile. Many congratulations. I would have voted for you but I was too busy being a citizen who has more to think about than politics, something Tony Benn never grasped, or something different that the rest of us never grasped perhaps.

    All the very best


  6. I reckon there was some reputational marking here. Next year you’ll walk it.

  7. Madasafish


    You are better reading than Redwood in my opinion..
    And you suffer fools…perhaps not gladly:-)

  8. Another rigged vote, I suspect. I voted for you Tom as my number one – several times! That Redwood bloke just bought more votes I suppose. You know what those Tories are like.

  9. Headless

    I only subscribed to you in my GReader a week or two ago but really enjoy your scribblings – even though you are on the “other side” (politically that is, not of Hadrian’s Wall…).

    Honest, humorous & refreshing.

    And you allow comments.

    I would say it’s an award you richly deserve. Well done.

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