Proof that Eck doesn’t speak for Scotland

SCOTLAND didn’t mind the economics of Thatcherism, according to Alex Salmond.

The thing is, we did object very strongly, not only to the social consequences of Thatcherism, but its economic consequences. Clearly, whatever Alex said at the time, he didn’t share the nation’s opinion.

Two important points here: the first is that when Alex expresses a personal opinion, he assumes, in his own mind, that he speaks for the whole nation. The thing is, he doesn’t.

Secondly, as I’ve said here before, there is probably not a single nationalist out there who agrees with Alex on Thatcherism, but I’m willing to bet there’s also not one who will publicly criticise him; on the contrary, they will defend anything and everything he says and does, whatever their own personal opinions.



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7 responses to “Proof that Eck doesn’t speak for Scotland

  1. Brian

    I’ve been reading a few blogs on this speech today and its mainly been a lot of drivel. Lots of rabbling and shouting ‘Tartan Tories’. Forget Ian Gray/Andy Kerr or one of the three non-entity Nu-Labour Scotland Branch Krew tried to cosy up to Annabell only 2 days ago….

    I actually argued the point with my darling mother two years ago that the problem with state control of businesses is that the state takes the money when they are profitable and puts nothing aside for reinvestment.

    Its criminal! A private company would never behave in such a way (most put away about 10-20% of profits for reinvestment).

    But Labour never had a problem with privatization, trains, buses, power networks and other services.

    However, they completely failed to tackle the inadequate social policy of the Tories, they just let the ‘incapacity benefit’ queues get bigger and bigger and bigger , made a wad of pointless quangos and public sector posts and claimed to have low unemployment.

    I believe its fair to say that Labour agree entirely with both Maggios Economic AND Social Policies!

  2. Johnny Norfolk

    Your comments would fit Gordon Brown to a tee.

  3. Er....

    Brian says – “I’ve been reading a few blogs on this speech today.”

    Really? Yet you’ve not managed to notice that it’s not a speech but an interview in Total Politics, Brain?

    The quality of cyber-trolling these days is so poor.

  4. When it comes to transport, and railway in particular, the Nats are encouragingly Thatcherite.

  5. Brian Hall

    Labour still had a chance to reverse these, how smart, an ‘epic fail’ for labour over 11 years. It was the conservertives wot done it it woz say Labour.

    I believe to prove a lie, one need only show one case.. The continued privatization of the royal mail, something which the SNP oppose completely, to which I disagree…

    Also note the further truth of my statement, a complete failure of the government to reinvest in public services. Politicians are incapable of running businesses, this is not the politicians fault, running a business is a full time job.

    I note a complete lack of defence for the huge numbers crowbarred into public sector jobs and incapacity benefit. What inclusive replies!

  6. Johnny Norfolk

    I say again Labour have had over a decade to change all the Thatcher changes. Why have they not done it then. All talk and no action. Just deal with side issues that are not to difficult for them, and they have messed all those up.

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