‘What’s your point, caller?’

TRANSCRIPT of part of Morning Extra, broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland this morning:

GARY ROBERTSON (for it is he): And now we have Alex on the line. Are you there, Alex?

ALEX: Yes, Gary.

GARY: And where are you calling from this morning, Alex?

ALEX: Banff. Er, I mean, Gordon – no, Buchan. Edinburgh.

GARY: Okay… so what do you want to say to us, Alex?

ALEX: I just wanted to clarify that I think Margaret Thatcher is evil incarnate, whatever others are saying I said. I mean, just because you say something, doesn’t mean you mean it, does it?

GARY: Okay, uhm…

ALEX: I mean, the poll tax? How could anyone think that Scotland didn’t mind that? (laughs nervously). And her industrial policy! Bathgate no more, Linwood no more, Methyl no more, Lochaber no more…

GARY: Alex, if I could just stop you there, you’re just singing a Proclaimers song now…

ALEX: I would walk 500 miles-

GARY: I’m going to have to cut you off there, Alex

ALEX: No! Wait! If I can just reiterate: although I said that Scotland didn’t mind Thatcherism, I just meant it didn’t mind her economic policies – it was the consequences of her economic policies they didn’t like.

GARY: But how can you separate the two? Policies have consequences.

ALEX: Yes! Exactly! Love the policy – hate the result, that’s my motto. FREEDOM! Oh, sorry…(Whispering) Oh, Margaret, how I miss you. Come back to us…

GARY: Well, that’s clarified things for all of us. Thank you Alex. And next on the line we have Nicola from Baillieston.

NICOLA: Govan.

GARY: Sorry.



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14 responses to “‘What’s your point, caller?’

  1. Brian

    Someones still bitter about 2007 and Glasgow East?

    I thought Labour were done with negative campaigning.

    Clearly not.

  2. Stu

    I know it’s been said elsewhere, but I can’t resist…

    Remind me, who it was that invited Lady Thatcher to Number 10 Downing Street for a cup of tea (and perhaps a scone) back in November?

    It can’t possibly have been the Leader of your Party, could it Mr Harris?

    I didn’t think so…

  3. commenter

    Maggie was not hugely popular in Scotland way back when, but wouldn’t it be fair to admit that some of her economic policies did in fact make sense?

    As evidence I would like to submit: New Labour.

    Frankly I’m kind of happy that the SNP, or at least Salmond, took some of that on board as well.

  4. Jim Baxter

    It’s good stuff Tom.. It’s funny.

    Fight back. Lose that moron who leads your party at the moment

    Pauses, at last, finally, for serious reflection.

    Thinks, Brown has done some good things. He deserves more respect. Remembers, Ivan IV did some good things.

    Concludes, deludes (your decision) Lose him or lose.

  5. Gross misrepresentation?

    I suggest that if anyone wants to know the real story here they visit Iain dale’s blog … I notice tom has it in his blogroll.

  6. You might call it “gross misrepresentation”, Alisdair, but I call it “a joke”. And who said nats don’t have a sense of humour? Seriously, did you actually think I was passing this off as a real transcript?

  7. Seriously? No. However, with great [blogging] power, comes great responsibility (or some such) and some readers, admittedly intellectually challenged, may have taken it as gospel … looking at the time stamp though, I was probably just grumpy 😉

  8. Leaves on the line

    No… but you are losing the battle at passing yourselves off as a socialist or left of centre party.
    I’m one of those many ex-members and ex-voters that you’ve lost in the past 5 years – this tawdry little episode of spin has left me even more disillusioned with the Labour Party. C’mon, the people of Scotland aren’t daft – they know which party leadership supports (against the soul of the membership) nuclear power, nuclear weapons, privatisation of public services through PFI, supporting the wars with far-right American politicians, imposing tution fees on students – therefore they know how ridiculous it is to try and portray the SNP as Thatcherite!
    Like many in Scotland I’m still waiting for a positive reason why I should ever vote Labour again – so when is the vitroil (and denial) going to stop and getting back in touch with the roots of the party and the wishes of the people begin?

  9. So, to sum up – NONE of you has a sense of humour?

  10. Gordon Scott

    You’re a bit out of date, Thomas.

    Gary Robertson stopped doing Morning Extra months ago.

    Graham Stewart is the man these days – and was in the chair for the Salmond call.


  11. Fair enough, Gordon. On the plus side, at least it wasn’t Jeremy Kyle…

  12. Adam

    That really is quite funny Harris. You really should be on the ‘Have I Got News for You’ circuit; your wasted in Defra.

  13. Smithson

    @ Gordon Scott. Are you in fact Graham Stewart? Does anyone apart from GS know that he does Morning Extra these days?

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