Thank you!

MORE than happy to take yet another break from the break I’m supposed to be having in order to thank all of you who voted in the recent Total Politics blog poll.

Iain Dale announces the Top 40 Scottish Blogs today. I sneaked a peek this morning, assuring myself that it didn’t really matter how well I’d done. When I saw I was number one, I was chuffed beyond reason. What’s particularly satisfying is that many of those who voted for And another thing… don’t even agree with what I write.

So thank you to everyone who voted. And I’m not being sarcastic or post-ironic or any other word whose definition I’m not entirely sure about. I really am delighted.



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4 responses to “Thank you!

  1. Brian Hall

    I’m glad you’ve found that although we may be completely cynical and cut throat we reward those who provide a platform and input to the political debate!

  2. Frank Davis

    I’m not surprised. It’s an undemanding read. And I’ve learned so much about Dr Who.

  3. Maybe you could take it up full time after the next election.

  4. Richard

    Yes, it’s heartily appreciated that someone so deeply embedded into the political establishment is willing to put their head over the parapet for the occasional pot-shot.

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