Welcome back, Harry

STRANGE shenanigans over at Harry’s Place, after an academic by the name of Jenna Delich managed to persuade their service provider to take them offline. Harry’s offence, apparently, was to point out that Delich had circulated to fellow academics a hyperlink to an exreme right-wing, white supremacist website.

Now, I’m no lawyer, but on what basis did Delich achieve this result? Either she did or did not circulate material containing a hyperlink to David Duke’s site. If she did not, she certainly deserves an apology. But my understanding is that she’s not actually denying that that’s exactly what she did. So, you can get a site taken offline now just because you’re embarrassed by something it says? Because a site criticises you?

Anyway, fortunately, Harry’s Place is back up and running now, with, I understand, a different ISP. Even without this little local difficulty, it’s always worth a read.

(Incidentally, is that David Miliband in the masthead for Harry’s Place?)


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4 responses to “Welcome back, Harry

  1. //(Incidentally, is that David Miliband in the masthead for Harry’s Place?)//

  2. Richard

    A five second search on google reveals a vast number of examples of large firms and rich individuals using the slander and libel laws to have offensive (but true) articles removed from the various media websites.

    On the other hand it’s likely this particular effort has backfired as what was a relatively small article on a relatively small blog is now cross-linked onto hundreds of other blogs.

  3. Mo Daniels

    It is indeed Davie Milliband, and I thinks he is talking to the BBC’s long standing diplomatic correspondent James Robbins….

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