An intriguing prospect

WITHOUT wishing to take sides in the forthcoming US general election (I’m a government minister, after all, and we’re officially neutral), John McCain’s choice of running mate suggests an intriguing possible future scenario.

Let’s assume McCain wins. At 72, some say he’s unlikely to be a two-term president (though I wouldn’t underestimate him). Neither party has ever denied a former or serving vice-president its nomination, so at some point, maybe in 2012, possibly in 2016, the GOP would nominate Sarah Palin as president.

Meanwhile, over at the Democratic party, and again assuming a McCain victory this year, Senator Clinton is her party’s almost inevitable nominee next time round (though where have we heard that

All this is dependent on a McCain victory. If Obama wins, all bets are off. But it’s certainly quite conceivable that in the space of a few months, we will have gone from debating whether or not a woman can win the US presidency, to speculating about which woman is going to win the presidency.



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4 responses to “An intriguing prospect

  1. Mo Daniels

    Interesting points as usual Tom; I think the most likely outcome will be a significant victory for McCain in November, likely only standing for one term, followed by Senator Clinton and Governor Palin battling for the White House in 2012, this will put aside the gender issues nonsense and allow both parties to focus on policies, I tip a Clinton presidency in 2012 and a better world as a result.

  2. Thomas Docherty

    Actually Tom, that’s not true about a VP ever being denied the nomination for President. Dan Quayle ran in 1996 against Bob Dole and was (more than usually) humiliated.

  3. Good point, Thomas. I’d forgotten all about God’s Gift to Satire, Dan (just say ‘noe’) Quayle.

  4. Angelin

    Has Dick Morris read your Blog?
    You wrote this Aug. 29th. Dick Morris has wrote an article in the Telegraph along the same lines in today’s edition. And I though we copied them!

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