Cameron ‘gravely concerned’ at prospect of recession


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14 responses to “Cameron ‘gravely concerned’ at prospect of recession

  1. richard

    Well, The Tories have never been afraid of fixing a shattered economy left by a failed Labour administration.

    I would imagine they’re getting good at it by now…

  2. Madasafish

    I suspect (note “suspect”, not “know”) that Mr Darling’s “preset for 60 years” statement is designed to prepare the Labour Party for really bad news and to stop Gordon Brown spouting off about a swift Recovery as he did on 22nd August..

    “Gordon Brown has defied expert forecasts, the Bank of England and even his own Treasury to predict privately that the economy will start recovering within the next few months. ” l

    As Bean of the BOE said on 26th August that “The downturn Will drag on ” Darling has to persuade the Labour Party that tough choices are needed.

    Why the Labour Party? Why not the country?

    Well the answer is obvious – to the country.

    Times are hard.
    The economy is slowing
    House prices, oil etc etc..

    So we consumers are saving money and cutting back… and we expect our Government to be rational and sensible and to help by not increasing taxes, by cutting back spending where it can and by targeting spending far more sharply to those in need.

    All these are basically anathema to most Labour MPs # whose understanding of economics appears limited to Karl Marx and Keynes… both of whom dies over 50 years ago and are largely discredited (totally in Marx’s case).

    So Darling is saying:
    Ignore the PM : he’s out of touch.
    I’m in charge
    Time to dance to MY tune not Gordon’s.
    Tough decisions to come: ignore Gordon’s optimism

    As says Ms Flint on Housing benefits …
    Even Ms Flint is weighing in on benefits:
    “Labour has created a housing system that encourages people to claim benefits and avoid working in order to get a council home, the housing minister has said.”

    So touching on the Poverty thread, even your own colleagues think the benefits system is being abused – a lot I assume otherwise why mention it?

    # to be fair I have to add many LibDem and Conservative MPs are also in the same boat but they follow different economists – some of whom are still alive and a bit more relevant.

    I commented on the poverty thread that the current systems were economically unsustainable. We are about to see that playing out in the next 3 years.

    And 3 years could be optimistic. the housing problems could last 5 or more years.

    I refrain from quoting the PM on the economic cycle and bubble. His unwise boasts are now history.

    It reminds me of 1977-79 and look where that ended.

    Except this time I doubt that the Conservatives will win a NARROW victory when an election HAS to be called.

    (Jim Callaghan was far more likeable and competent )

  3. Madasafish – for the record, Thatcher won a very healthy working majority (44) in 1979 – not a narrow one, as you suggest

  4. John

    Perhaps your readership would like to go over to Guildo Fawkes’ Blog, as linked on your site and see the funnier pic on Guildo’s Friday Caption Contest.

  5. Gosh yes Richard the Tories did really well between 1979 and 1997 didn’t they? Only two major house price crashes, inflation sometimes as low as 5% and interest rates almost got below 10% once. All this whilst keeping unemployment at record levels and flogging off our North Sea Oil and nationalised industries at the lowest possible prices. Never let boring old evidence get in the way of a good old rant eh?

  6. He’s right, like Darling. Our economy is on the shoogliest of pegs – oil dependence as oil production slows and then falls.

    Tom – how come not one Labour Minister seems to have grasped the need to be totally independent from oil and other fossil fuels?

  7. Gosh yes Brian Labour did so well since 1997. One year they almost matched income to expenditure and didn’t have to borrow, declaring we need to build all those houses and power stations and then not doing it, fighting 6 wars since 1997 and almost supplying what the troops need. Average waits in the NHS increasing despite all the money, creating millions of graduates with no jobs.

    Never let boring old evidence get in the way of a good old rant eh?

  8. “Average waits in the NHS increasing…”

    Come off it, Chris, son. I don’t mind publishing critical comments but let’s not just start making stuff up just to fulfill our wishful thinking, boys and girls.

  9. Doesn’t Mr. Darling look depressed on that pic on Iain Dale’s site.
    As our adopted ‘Minister of Happiness’ Tom, can you give him a ring and invite him to a happy meal at your favourite eatery:-)

  10. Madasafish

    Thanks for the correction.

  11. Madasafish

    To be fair to Labour they are trying to get EDF and Centrica to buy British Energy so the resulting company can build nuclear power stations. Better late than never.
    ( I do not want to debate wind and wave power etc).

    Unfortunately many left wing Labour MPS – the Compass Group – want a windfall tax on energy companies.. and the bigger payers of such a tax would be… yes.. you are right.. Centrica and EDF.

    So one one hand .. please invest £ billions # and on the other .. we are going to tax you unilaterally.

    # and we desperately need those new stations as our existing ones are so old many will close in the years 2016 -2020 and of course it takes – with planning about 12 years from start of planning to actual full power output.

    I think you could apply Mr Darling’s comments about the government’s inability to convince the electorate also to its ability to convince its own supporters and backbenchers.

  12. Tom,

    I do have proof of my claims

    Average wait increasing from 41 to 49 days. I will admit that there are no longer excessive (and dangerous) waits, but the average wait for a procedure has increased.

  13. richard

    Unfortunately you can’t completely reverse the direction of a major economy without causing a fair amount of discomfort to a fair number of people.

    If the Labour party had had its way we’d still have one telephone company (supplying both land and mobile phones), one electricity company and one gas supplier.

  14. Oh, come on Tom, if you’re going to do agit prop visuals do it properly.

    How do we know this pleasant smiling man is an evil Tory?

    You need to get out the Photoshop and give him a bowler hat, frock coat, striped trousers and spats.

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