The end of ‘summer’

RECESS doesn’t last as long as you might think. I’ve had a few weeks of pottering about – not quite on holiday, because I’ve been the “duty minister” for the DfT most of the time, but not quite working full time either. I’ve been in and out of the constituency office when things needed done, and I’ve been dealing with two red boxes a week. And the Family Harris “official” vacation is still to come.

But tomorrow is September, and the “silly season” is pretty much over, I suspect. As usual, I’ve only just applied for my conference credentials – about two months later than I should have – and I was so late applying for accommodation that I now have no option but to pay through the nose for a room at the conference hotel in Manchester.

Glasgow's cafe culture had seen better times

Glasgow's cafe culture had seen better times

So now we’re in the run-up to the conference season, more and more MPs are returning from their holidays, the schools in Scotland returned a fortnight ago with the rest of the country to follow suit next week. I wouldn’t mind so much about the end of summer, if we had actually had a summer. We’ve barely had a single hot day this year, and it’s nearly autumn!

Milestones to “look forward” to: Labour conference starts on September 20, with the Tories a week later. Parliament returns on Monday 6 October, the US elections a month later, and the official opening of parliament by the Queen in the first week in December. Then, of course, there’s the Glenrothes by-election, though I’ve no idea where that will fit into the calendar.

Fasten those seatbelts.


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7 responses to “The end of ‘summer’

  1. richard

    I can’t imagine there are many Labour MPs who are genuinely looking forward to the Glenrothes by-election…

  2. Careful Mr H or you’ll stir up the swivelled-eyed climate change deniers.

    But I recall reading a gloomy report probably in the early nineties; its author predicted that Britain would get colder, wetter summers as the planet heated up. Something to do with faster rates of evaporation in the Atlantic leading to more cloud over our little islands (the Romans called them the Damp Isles (but in Latin) so it’s said) – oh dear.

    And I wonder how all those good people, who took the advice of gardening “experts” at the turn of the century and filled their plots with drought-resistant plants, are faring….

  3. Angelin

    I would like to invite the Harris family to a fun packed holiday, immediately after the Labour Party Conference to…………..Sunny Birmingham.
    With well known entertainers to keep you smiling allday long.Watch ‘Georgio’ the magician enrich your lives by his act of breathtaking delusion. If you’re into chamber music we have a couple who are well renowned for their art of fiddling. And I understand that ‘Borif’, that well loved clown will also be making an appearance. Meet ‘RoboDave’ -just push his button and he will do or say anything you wish, just to befriend you.
    So get behind us and see the sun shine (mainly from the rear quarters).
    Wishing you would be here……….

  4. Zim Flyer

    Being from Blackpool, I look forward to the day the political conferences return. When they do return, you will find a bigger better Blackpool, with all the work on the new prominard and the new trams (by 2012), sadly though no casino, but that is another story:)

  5. Mmm, “if we had actually had a summer”. Meterologists don’t have the evidence yet to link the southerly shift in the jet stream over the past 2 years to global climate change, but it makes you think, doesn’t it?

    So how about proposing more green transport policies in Manchester this year? Starting with cancelling the third runway at Heathrow and investing instead in a high speed rail spine.

    And please tell me you’re travelling by train to Manchester and not flying!

  6. Johnny Norfolk

    Perhaps you could inform us who you think is correct about the economy. Brown or Darling.

    I think it will be more disaster for your party. You see you believe your own spin.

  7. The way things are just now, I’m surprised no-one is blaming Gordon Brown for the bad weather……

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