In defence of Sarah Palin

I FIND all the rumours and gossip about Sarah Palin and her family distinctly nauseating. I do not share Ms Palin’s politics and it seems to me she holds enough controversial views in areas like gun control, abortion and gay rights to be put under the media spotlight and made to explain them. That’s what election campaigns are for.

But what is all this nonsense about the paternity of her youngest son, Trig? Why are bloggers, and even the mainstream media, trespassing on her personal family life in this way without, it seems, any reasonable factual evidence to stand up their story?

If she chooses to make a public statement, fair enough. If some enterprising sleuth comes up with the silver bullet in the form of incontrovertible evidence, then sure, the Governor will have some explaining to do. Even then, I’m not sure it would be anyone’s business.

For crying out loud, the woman wants to overturn Roe v Wade! Isn’t that interesting or controversial enough for people? This is election year – let’s debate… I don’t know, how about… politics?



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8 responses to “In defence of Sarah Palin

  1. The gossip is getting beyond disgusting. I totally agree with you. Let’s get back to the issues and stop all this slander and liable.

  2. Republicans would pull all of this stuff against a Democrat.

    But then again, nobody should.

  3. Liable? Asking questions is not slander or libel. It’s asking questions.

    But anyway I do rather think that Sarah Palin has brought all this speculation on herself and her family, with John McCain and his posse contributing by over-promoting an unchecked candidate with enough quirky quirks to fill an episode of QI.

    I started covering all this nonsense purely because Iain Dale idiotically publicized it and said it shouldn’t be publicized! Irresistable. And it is fascinating. Even after the “end of” stories the Palin narrative makes no real sense at all.

    As you will know from following all these nauseating and disgraceful and scurrilous stories Sarah Palin has used her daughter Bristol to quash what may well be an outrageous rumour about herself. Instead of producing some medical records as suggested by Leigh (as linked here) she has pushed her own baby, her pregnant daughter, her own unborn grandchild, her pregnant daughter’s reluctant redneck boyfriend/fiancee and her whole chaotic circumstances forward.

    As you say Tom this woman is anathema politically. Creationist, homophobe, crusader, anti-choicer, anti-polar bearer, Big Oiler, personal score settling, incompetent, inexperienced, possibly nationalist, maverick, gun lobby, person of poor judgement.

    We’re told that in the USA for many voters the policy won’t matter but the character and judgment will. The colourful stories really cannot be avoided when that’s the way things are. She must be stopped as she is the wrong kind of person to hold power over the USA and over us through their secondary imperialism.

    There was a Republican pundit name of CARLY FIORINA on BBC 24 today and she was reduced to brickwalling all questions about Palin’s policies and foibles and to be blunt lunacy by essentially claiming that old Magoo is NOT on the same wavelength on those things or environment or global warming.

    Nice don’t pay the rent and as Tom Miller says the Red Reps will be playing rough at every turn.

    If she is being boosted as an organizer, a reformer (of her own party incidentally), and so on and she chooses to put her family members front and centre then she and McCain are responsible for that.

  4. Johnny Norfolk

    I agree with you Tom, I think the Republicans are going to win and thats why the left are trying to destroy her. They should wait and see what she says and then go for it. I am sure we all have difficult personal lives at times and her treatment has been a disgrace, not just in the states but by our papers and the BBC.

  5. James

    Well done Tom for coming straight in at No13 on Iains Top 100 UK Political Blogs especially only after a few months blogging. And some comments by Iain in his intro.

  6. Tom: “I do not share Ms Palin’s politics and it seems to me she holds enough controversial views in areas like gun control, abortion and gay rights to be put under the media spotlight and made to explain them.”

    Made to explain them?

    Traditional American values, you mean, rather than liberal fantasy-land where abortion is a ‘woman’s right to choose’ and only the bad guys get to carry guns?

    Tom, you said previously you were a born-again Christian. You must know that life begins at conception. Why are you trying to defend the outrageously barbaric practice of abortion?

    A baby in the womb can start sucking its thumb from 12 weeks or earlier, yet the recent votes in the Commons keep the limit at 24 weeks.

    Hands up who wishes their mother had exercised her ‘right to choose’ when she carried you.

    If she had, you would never have seen the light of day, unless maybe for a few minutes struggling to keep hold of the precious gift of life on a cold metal dish in a hospital.

    It is a ‘rights’ issue and the unborn child is the one with a right to life. If we give up on the sanctity of life, we may as well throw the towel in as a society.

  7. joe bonanno

    For crying out loud, the woman wants to overturn Roe v Wade!

    Yeah, for crying out loud, fancy that. Fancy believing there’s something wrong with decapitating a very young, living, defenceless human being because bringing him or her into the world and bringing him or her up might prove inconvenient. Of course sometimes the evil deed is done by an injection into the heart rather than decapitation but occasionally this results in a live birth and the nuisance of a orphanage vs waste paper basket vs ICU decision.

    The advances in medical science are such that in one room in a hospital a 20 week old ‘foetus’ is being killed; and in another room in the same hospital a 20 week old ‘premature birth’ is receiving the full resources of the hospital to be kept alive.

    But, the Republicans are anti so I have to be pro – nothing like good old knee-jerk politics. Or were you being ‘ironic’ again.

  8. Katie

    Bravo Joe Bonnano and Stewart Cowan!

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