More in defence of Sarah Palin. And Buzz Aldrin

I DON’T like to criticise other bloggers, especially Labour ones, but since Chris Paul has used my comments area to advance his case against Sarah Palin, I feel justified in responding.

The nub of Chris’s (and, to be fair, many others’) attacks on the GOP’s VP nominee rests on the fact that, rather than produce medical and legal documents to prove the paternity of her son, she instead offered an explanation focusing on a timeline of events which “proved” her daughter could not be Trig’s real mother.

In 1999, to mark the 30th anniversary of the first moon landing, Channel 5 (I think) broadcast a round-table discussion with half a dozen crazed hippies expounding their theories about how Apollo was faked. One of them told how, as he had been going through Buzz Aldrin’s rubbish bin outside the astronaut’s home (let’s face it – we’ve all done it), Aldrin had accosted him. When Aldrin was challenged by the investigator/nutter about the veracity of his claims to have walked on the moon, he offered a very technical explanation as to how he had, in fact, made that quarter of a million mile journey, walked on the moon and returned safely to earth. A-ha! thought the hippie; if Aldrin had actually gone to the moon, he wouldn’t have bothered explaining the scientific and technical detail of how he did it – he would instead have waxed lyrical about the magnificence of the view, the enormity of his achievement, etc.

Still with me?

There are people out there who believe things, often for no more reason than that the “authorities” claim it is not so. I don’t know about Sarah Palin’s private life – I have no right to, nor interest in knowing. But I doubt if there is anything she could have said or done to convince her detractors of her case. Documents can be forged, after all.

If it emerges that this particular conspiracy theory is correct, there will be two inevitable consequences: Palin will (probably) have to throw in the towel, and journalists will have to come up with a label for the whole scandal, one that ends in “-gate”. Any sugestions?



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12 responses to “More in defence of Sarah Palin. And Buzz Aldrin

  1. Harry T.

    Many did wax lyrical about the view, Harrison Schmitt on Apollo 17 (first scientist in space) did nothing but talk about the weather patterns etc on the way there. The transcripts are available online.
    Gene Cernan writes quite eloquently about it in his book. Alan Bean became a space artist he was so inspired by the view. Hearing Ed Mitchell talk about the experience made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Tell me those guys are faking it!

    Most of the Apollo guys were that rare mixture of geek/fighter pilot. Armstrong and Aldrin (aka Dr. Rendevous) are entirely the wrong kind of people to be asking about the experience of seeing the Earth from space, they are systems/orbital mechanics wonks.

    (Sorry I’m a bit of an Apollo bore!)

  2. Andrew F

    …who names their kid Trig? It brings back painful memories of GCSE maths lessons. Um.

    This post conjectures that other people are conjecturing – which is, I think you will agree, rather hypocritical.

    And I think you rather missed the point of Chris Paul’s comment, and what an excellent point it was. His argument is basically, “Well, yeah, of course we’re smearing her. In a country where the electorate is more responsive to smears than policy debate, it’s our moral obligation to smear the person with awful policies.”

  3. Madasafish

    Sorry Tom.
    Conspiracy theorists send me to sleep.
    Personal attacks on people – by whatever side or person – rebound on those making them (as far as I am concerned).

    Boring. Not up to your high standards..

  4. madasafish – Not sure I’m following you. Who am I personally attacking? I thought I was defending someone from attacks.

  5. Quentinthecrisp

    “Any suggestions”

    something ending in… (used to play this when I was I boy)……gate…


    was I right…..

  6. Madasafish

    Sorry: I am not accusing you of anything.

    My comment meant to say something like:

    ” I find the subject of personal attacks by anyone incredibly boring. Inevitably they are highly biased, are one sided so not worth reading. Or discussing . or thinking about. Sometimes they may have truth in them but it’s often like looking for a grain of sand on a beach”

    Of course you do go and attack Conservatives. I would be disappointed if you did not! šŸ™‚

    But it is not personal. (not like that nice Mr Charles Clarke šŸ™‚

  7. Ravi Gopaul

    I guess the point people are trying to make is that she cannot be trusted.

    I suspected McCain would have opted for a woman after Clinton was bumped off the VP ticket. Fot what its worth I thought Palin would be chosen, not because I believe she complemented his politics, rather she was the only woman I had heard of on the GOP VP shortlist (lucky I guess, shame I don’t believe in gambling!!!).

    I still think the GOP are heading for the buffers this time.

    I remember in 1997 “family values” was used as a stick to beat the Tories from office, and I think it this will apply to the Republicans.

    People may say it is unfair to drag her family into it but I have a different opinion.

    She has said, even in cases of rape, a woman should not legally have an abortion. She said her daughter made the choice to keep the child she is carrying. So in effect she thinks it is alright for her daughter to have the choice to keep her child, whilst others should be denied? I find that unacceptable, as I am sure you do.

    I supported Obama when he started, because I thought Clinton was a bit of a warmonger. He is no Labourist social democratic socialist (they don’t get elected in the USA) but he is the best choice when compared to McCain.

  8. Johnny Norfolk

    The left are in panic as they know they have picked the wrong candidate. Thats why they keep going on about her like this. They have lost the election. So how about Shouldhavepickedhilarygate.

  9. Chris

    I hoped never to read a Labour MP write ‘in defence of Sarah Palin’. The woman is vile, she is Kate Hoey, Thatcher and Regan rolled into one. Quite quite disgusting.

  10. Chris – I’m not defending her politics, I’m defending her against the kind of nasty, personalised, innuendo-filled attacks that used to characterise the right.

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