What a coincidence

DYLAN Jones’s “Cameron on Cameron”, according to Red Box, has been described as “shallow”, “bland” and having “little insight”.

It was the book the critics were describing, not its subject, right?



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8 responses to “What a coincidence

  1. James

    Now,now Tom stop muckraking.
    You know perfectly well those words are used to describe Dylan Jones’s writing style. A man whose specialty is writing about clothes, not politicians.

    Although, I do agree they could also be used in the right context to describe 90% of politicians

    Excluding you of course, Tom

  2. John

    You’re skating on thin ice with this one.
    These words are mild in comparison with those used by the spectrum of political commentators and critics to describe your numero uno.

  3. Which is why I felt free to use this very moderate criticism – it’s as nothing compared to the vile language used by critics of GB

  4. John

    I actually agree with you on that one Tom, I don’t know how the man can put up with it all.
    Fair game to lambast his policies but to attack personally is totally out of order. And your Party must accept some of the blame.

    Unfortunately with all this political crap that has continued to constantly invade our lives, you do start to feel ashamed of being British.

  5. Johnny Norfolk

    Tom can you tell us what your party is going to do instead of diversions. You are in government not the Tories. If you want to know what the Tories are going to do, call a general election and you will find out and not before.

  6. Quentinthecrisp

    Of course Tom, if you ever suceed with Labour’s dream to turn us all into just a number (starting with ID Cards), you will find that all this silly name calling will probably die a death. Can you imagine:
    “****** no. 0000000457098765321245698776 what a right ******* he is”

    That is, of course if GB is no longer no.1

    Now where did I put that medication……….

  7. Where on earth did you ever get the idea we wanted to do that, 923006119-99?

  8. Quentinthecrisp

    In reply Tom
    Think about it. Virtually every item has a number: cars,spare parts,planes,boats(although strangley not ships). Animals are now being recognised by numbers:horses, cows, sheep etc. It’s only a matter of time before we are subject to them.In fact we are numbered : NI no., driving licence no. passport no. etc. And why? Supposedly to make it easier for the ‘authorities’ to identify us. How many John Smiths exist? How many Tom Harrises exist?
    Only a matter of time……
    PS. You’ve mis-quoted my idendity number..you’ve got me mixed up with someone else….

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