Hooray! I’m a security risk at Holyrood!

WELL, it’s taken longer than I thought it would, but I’ve finally been designated a security risk at the Scottish Parliament. According to Yousuf Hamid’s new blog he received a “no entry” warning from the parliament’s authorities when Yousuf, very wisely, tried to log onto my site.

Can’t say I’m surprised at this; Holyrood’s IT policy is famously jobsworth-driven. Unlike Westminster-supplied PCs, onto which MPs and staff can download just about any software they like, Holyrood-supplied PCs are invulnerable to any programme that might make them more useful or productive. I’m even told that the “desktop” icon at the bottom left hand of the screen, which immediately minimises any active programme, isn’t available, and can’t be added. Why? Just because, apparently.



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6 responses to “Hooray! I’m a security risk at Holyrood!

  1. Madasafish

    Of course you are a security risk.
    You think for yourself..

    Come ID cards that will change ….


  2. richard

    So, no comment about a government whip calling for a leadership election and then getting fired?

    The only shame is that she’s such a non-entity that it’ll take at least half a dozen more resignations at this level to provoke a leadership challenge at conference.

    Still, perhaps if someone with a more substantial brief (and a nice safe scottish seat) came out in support of her it would get the ball rolling.

  3. Una

    glad you’re getting a taste of your own medicine – try being a muslim on public transport in britain

  4. One would add that if I ever make it into Office, I’ll be bringing my own Mac, which you can tear from my bloody-cold dead hands.

    Oh, and on Windows machines, “WindowsKey” + “D” will produce the same result as the “wee desktop icon” when held down together.
    If you’re needing to hide the website you’re looking at 🙂

  5. Johnny Norfolk

    I dont think anyone in the Labour government should make any comments about I.T. People in glass houses etc.

  6. Martin Cullip

    Re: “Can’t say I’m surprised at this; Holyrood’s IT policy is famously jobsworth-driven”


    This from a member of the Government that has handed entire tranches of power to a veritable legion of petty jobsworths up and down the country, mostly under the guise of laws on terrorism?

    Note I didn’t mention Labour’s blanket smoking ban experiment even though there are a gleeful load of miserabalists in every Local Authority who positively enjoy the new power they have been given to bully smokers, and those wishing to cater for them, via such methods as over-zealous enforcement of planning regs, misapplication of the law, and ultra vires rules they have made up since the Health Act, amongst many others.

    Oops, I just did, sorry. 😉

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