Lovin’ summer

HAVING just returned from a few days at CenterParcs in Cumbria, I find myself pondering the mystery of politicians and where they choose to spend their holidays.

So first of all, let me make it absolutely clear: there were two excellent reasons for choosing to holiday in the UK: (1) Carolyn hates flying; and (2) the boys are way too young to appreciate a foreign holiday. Yes, we enjoy holidays in Blighty, and have spent more holiday time here than in any other part of the world. But there were no altruistic or worthy motives behind our decision. As soon as the boys are old enough and Carolyn gets over her fear of flying (or allows me to sedate her for the journey), we’ll be long-hauling somewhere sunny.

What I find distasteful are those politicians who make a big deal about how important it is to holiday in Britain, and parade for the cameras of a (presumably) news-starved media, only to get it over with as quickly as possible so they can get on with their much more luxurious (and lower profile) Mediterranean break.

PS. I wanted to call this post “A gentleman, a broad and two children”, which I thought was dead clever, but Carolyn didn’t.



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8 responses to “Lovin’ summer

  1. Hmmm… the embarrassing incident of the bicycle and the motor following behind carrying his bags springs to mind.

    Of course the greater disconnect with most voters is TWO summer holidays.

    Bad Cameron!

    Mind you if Gordon were to have a second hols for a year or two I suspect a number of voters might not complain.

  2. tbf katic

    Perhaps he did want a Brit holiday and then have some time abroad? Afterall, you MP’s get such a long holiday, you’d probably all be bankrupt if you spent it all abroad…….

    The article you link to explains his reasons for attending the sailing party in Turkey. Are you making political points out of this one Tom?

  3. Madasafish

    His problem is he does not have millionaire friends who give him free holidays in Italy or in the Caribbean..unlike a certain Labour PM..

    Correction: billionaire…

  4. Obviously your wife has good taste – which begs a question……..

  5. Quentinthecrisp

    Didn’t a certain Labour leader also holiday in Cornwall between holidays in Mexico and France? And wasn’t this a political stunt to show empathy with those suffering because of the then foot and mouth outbreak, in 2001?
    Trouble was, it was Devon hardest hit by the outbreak.
    What short memory you have Tom. But welcome back we have missed you!

  6. Johnny Norfolk

    Rich mans Butlins. I could not think of a worse holiday, on a camp being given lots of thing to do by people who know best. Must be just like work for you.

  7. Johnny Norfolk

    My holiday this year is filling my central heating oil tank. I need my tax back to help pay for things.

    Thanks Labour againI remember the ’70s last time you were in.

  8. Angelin

    Perhaps I could suggest ‘Left on Centre ground but had a Right good time.’
    Hmmm……… maybe not
    You really should stop this ‘harissment’ of those whose point of view you do not agree with.
    I can recall Blair doing the same thing a few years ago, having a token holiday in the UK, perhaps he started the trend.

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