Happy half-birthday to me

JUST realised that this blog is six months old today. My first post was on 13 March; this one is my 433rd, if you’re interested.

At least it’s lasted longer than my first attempt at blogging, which went the way of the dodo in about three and a half weeks.


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13 responses to “Happy half-birthday to me

  1. Johnny Norfolk

    Well done Tom its brought another dimension to blogging. Its also today when Labour MPs started to not just listen to their members but started to act. They must see the writing on the wall, but its all far to late. labour is incapable of running the country properly. All you can do is spend. When are you going to cut back like the rest of us. You just wont and will leave it to the Tories to sort out, and another generation has learned about Labour the hard way.

  2. Johnny – that was a very double-edged congratulations. And frankly, I would expect nothing less!

  3. Oh bugger! I was just about to congratulate you for backing the eventual new (bland, uninspiring and boring) leader of the Scottish Labour Party then good old Johnny reminded me that your Great Leader has a few of his ‘ain folk’ taking a tilt at his rather precarious windmill. And a fair few are of the ilk of the former “Blair Babes”!

    How do you explain that, young Tom? Surely there is no plot to unseat Gordon? Just a week before the Labour Party conference begins?

    Nothing to do with them being worried about losing their seats in a Labour wipe-out at the next General Election? Despite the fact that all the polls suggest that changing the leader will make no difference?

    You should be alright Tom. After all, you’re a Scot in a Scottish constituency. And now Iain Gray is leading the Scottish Labour Party his charisma will minimise your loss of votes. Things ain’t all that bad either for Ronnie and Reggie’s future – with the Conservatives in government they will get an excellent education.

  4. Johnny Norfolk

    Tom. I do want to thank you for publishing most of my comments as I have no time for Labour, but do feel you have some bottle in doing this blog. I try not to be rude and never use swear words. and I comend you for your openess. I do believe my views now represent many people in England and for you to allow me room on your blog is to your credit. You are still charging me £17.50 every 10 years to replace my photo driving licence though. Its just so much of this sort of thing that is the foundation of the hate for Labour. If you are VERY poor you are looked after. If you are very rich it does not matter. All the rest have been ripped off by Labour. you have deserted the people that should be supporting you. That is why I deserted Labour in the 70s after we had to borrow from the IMF as Labour had bankrupted the country. I was correct then and have been proved right again. You just cannot dispute the facts. Can you not see this Tom ? Its no good having ideas for this and that if you cannot pay for them.The basis for the country is that it HAS to be run like a business in the main part, or you go bust like you have.

  5. Sorry to disappoint, Johnny, but UK PLC has certainly not gone bust. We are suffering from an international credit crisis/oil price perfect storm at the moment, just as every other developed country is. But comparisons with the late ’70s (or even the early ’70s, when the Tories presided over an oil crisis) are entirely misplaced. The notion that if the party of government were different, then the UK wouldn’t be affected by international financial pressures, is fanciful to say the least.

  6. Quentinthecrisp

    Are things really that desperate that we have to celebrate halves?
    I know the pound is heading to half its value.I know my house is soon only going to be worth half its value. I ain’t celebrating.
    You see that’s where Labour went wrong. Telling us that we have to work till we’re 70+ and making our kids stay at school till they’re 17.
    Totally hissed us off.
    Why didn’t you make a year consist of 15 months instead of 12? Blame inflation. We could all retire early then, and our kids could leave school in their early teens. 🙂

    Now where’s me medication

  7. John

    Tom says ” UK PLC has certainly not gone bust”

    Famous last words usually spoken by company execs just before the receivers atre called in.

  8. Johnny Norfolk

    You see Tom you just will not consider anothers point of view. Why is the pound falling against others if its not Labours fault.

  9. Come on, Johnny – are you saying that whenever the pound falls in value, that’s a government failure? So, under a future Tory government, the pound would increase in value every single day? And when the pount was worth more than two dollars, were you singing the praises of Labour economic policy? I doubt it, somehow.

  10. And another thing… since when did my half-birthday celebrations become an excuse to have a go at economic policy? Don’t I even get a card or a cake or something?

  11. John

    I think a Red Card would be appropriate in this case.

  12. James

    Johnny Norfolk
    If you think renewing your driving licence is expensive, wait till you get your ID Card.
    Probably have to be renewed every 5 years at much greater cost.

  13. Madasafish

    Happy six months, Tom’s blog.
    I cam to it late.. well worth discovering.

    As far as the exchange rate is concerned.. it’s cyclical. Period. All the rest is invented reasons why.

    I can recall when £1=$1.07,£1 = $2.10 (twice) plus lots and lots of values in between (not that I remember them all).
    Blaming politicians for the exchange rate is like blaming them for the weather…

    (having said that, what a lousy summer: two lousy summers.. it’s all Gordon Brown’s fault 🙂 )

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