Street lights which actually light up the street! Whatever next?

NOTICE anything unusual about this picture? Okay, I’ll just tell you: this streetlight has a unique design feature which means it casts its light downwards, where it’s needed, and not upwards into the night sky, where it most definitely is not needed. Local authorities please take note.

These lamps are a common feature at CenterParcs, so congratulations to them for that. Light pollution of the night sky is as much an act of vandalism as graffiti; unfortunately it’s much more acceptable.



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6 responses to “Street lights which actually light up the street! Whatever next?

  1. Angelin

    I’ll look out for them when they have built the new Centre Parc in Bedfordshire, just up the road.

    In most town centres, it seems to be the government offices and buildings that light up the sky, as well as town halls, schools, etc.

    Whilst on the subject of graffiti, not a surprising comment from you, calling it vandalism then saying it’s more acceptable than light pollution.
    The Labour Party obviously condone graffiti as it was not slow in recently accepting most of the proceeds from the sale of a canvas from Banksy to add to its depleted coffers.

  2. Angelin – I wrote: “light pollution of the night sky is as much an act of vandalism as graffiti.”

    You read: “…calling it vandalism then saying it’s more acceptable than light pollution.”

    Can I recommend Specsavers?

  3. John

    Is this your way of discretely showing us your CentreParc holiday pics.
    Whatever next? a picture of you on a CentreParc’s bicycle proclaiming it to be less polluting than a car.

    Trouble is , you’d be right; about both πŸ™‚

  4. Angelin

    Sorry Tom if I got it wrong.
    I do sometimes have difficultly with my Scottish/English translations. Put it down to my euphoria with your return to blogging πŸ™‚

    PS Labour still gained finacially from a graffiti artist.

  5. Johnny Norfolk

    We have no street lights where I live, and they are not needed. We go out with torches and lamps. So we should reduce the amount street lights and turn them all off at 2300 hours. These are the measures needed to make a real impact. The lighting of public buildings should be stopped. Labour will never do it of course as it means they have to do something and we dont.

  6. Martin Cullip

    Talking of streetlights and vandalism Tom, can your Government do something about heritage vandalism that the local authority jobsworths are inflicting on communities?

    See, you talk of jobsworths at Holyrood BUT you create jobsworths all over the place. You talk about lights being vandalism, but Labour’s escalation of Health & Safety results in unnecessary vandalism on a grand scale by the jobsworths that your Government has created.

    I’d also call a law that eradicates many historic Working Mens Clubs vandalism too. Whoever thought that law up (without it being in the Labour manifesto) should be put through a mangler (guess which law I am referring to) πŸ˜‰

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