The right result, part 2

BACK home now, after listening to two excellent acceptance speeches from Johann Lamont and then Iain Gray. Iain hit exactly the right tone – mixing conviction, humility and humour in exactly the right combination.

Johann provided the funniest line, however; referring to the fact that both she and her deputy leadership rival, Bill Butler, are former English teachers, she said that whatever policy differences they held, they were “in agreement on the grammatical structure of those differences.”

The press pack were on the prowl, looking for a negative line, a down side to this very good day for Scottish Labour. I’m sure they’ll think of something.

Incidentally, it is almost ten years to the day since Donald Dewar and Cathy Jamieson were elected unopposed as leader and deputy leader of Labour in the Scottish Parliament. I remember the date well – I was unable to attend the special conference in Glasgow because Carolyn and I were getting married that day. Craig, our best man, started his speech by offering my apologies for being unable to attend the wedding because of the conference.


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12 responses to “The right result, part 2

  1. James

    Perhaps now that little problem has been solved maybe someone could concentrate on sorting out the Brown problem, one way or the other.
    How can your Party focus on running this country properly when Brown dominates every part of the media for the wrong reasons.
    Maybe it will be the lady MPs who will show the ‘boys’ the way out of this mess.

  2. Is it a good thing for Scottish Labour to be run by two ex-teachers?

  3. John

    You know Tom, with all this extra pressure being put on GB, I wonder what effect all this relentless onslaught is having on his health.
    Mentioning Donald Dewar reminded me of other scottish politicians, John Smith and Robin Cook, to name but two, whose health deteriorated, probably due in some degree by the pressures of high office.
    Surely, your Party must share some of the responsibility?

  4. Johnny Norfolk

    I am pleased you are happy with the 2 people that I have never heard off. I am also looking forward to when England will be run properly and we have again a government that cares about working people unlike Labour.

  5. A change of leader will not resolve the problem, it needs a change of government, when will New Labour get the message, that it is no longer new, it is at best tarnished and more likely an initiative that is best described as lost opportunities and short-termism. Sorry, but someone has to say how it is, take it up with the leader, ultimately he is responsible.

  6. Brian

    As seemingly the only Scottish commenter, I would like to say I’m not particularly enamoured by the candidates, they seem to lack credibility when compared to the currently SNP crop.

    Accountants and Economists versus School Teachers…

    Oh dear!

  7. Yeah, right, Brian – because most people really hate teachers and love accountants…

  8. ScottishToryBoy – How prescient, then, that I wrote in my original post: “The press pack were on the prowl, looking for a negative line, a down side to this very good day for Scottish Labour. I’m sure they’ll think of something.”

  9. Are you sure about that election 10 years ago? My memory is that the deputy leadership position was created in the aftermath of Dewar’s death.

  10. You might well be right. I had other things on my mind at the time. But if anyone out there has a better memory than I, please feel free to illuminate for us.

  11. I hate to be the voice of cynicism here, but the “negative” angle was provided by Iain himself in his speech, where he attacked Alex Salmond.
    Fair enough you disagree with the SNP’s policies. Fair enough you might not like Alex Salmond (I’ve no met the man, but from all non-partisan sources, he’s apparently a very nice bloke).
    But attacking a rival politician in your leadership victory speech smacks of poor judgement and low-brow politics. It’s the sort of mud-slinging tactics that lost the last election for Labour. Iain made a lot of noise in his speech about “not just listening but hearing”.

    It’s clear to anyone that the Scottish voter is tired of negative politics where personal attacks are made on rival politicians.

    Perhaps Mr. Grey needs to working on the hearing a bit harder. Although fairs fair, the public didn’t say anything really loudly, with the SNP only 1 seat up on Labour.
    Not to worry, wait a couple of years and I’m sure the shouts of the vox populi will be deafening even to someone so hard of hearing as Mr. Grey.

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