Does Ashcroft live in the UK? Well, duh!

CONSERVATIVE Party treasurer and chief paymaster, Lord Ashcroft, is the subject of a fascinating piece of reporting in today’s Sunday Times.

There’s plenty for the party’s critics to get their teeth into. To me, the most damaging quote is this:

He was initially blocked for a peerage, but was made a peer in 2000 on the condition that he would become resident in the UK and hence start paying British taxes.

To this day he has not said whether he has honoured that pledge.

And there’s the rub: if Ashcroft actually had lived up to his promise, and had become resident in Britain, he would surely have said so a dozen times before now, wouldn’t he?


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11 responses to “Does Ashcroft live in the UK? Well, duh!

  1. richard

    I’ve never understood the obsession the Labour party has with Lord Ashcroft. Yes, he funds them, but at a level significantly below that of Lord Sainsbury or Labour’s union backers.

    Constantly harping on about him just leads to (far more damaging) counter allegations.

  2. Andrew F

    Inferring guilt from silence is another one of those things us liberal people tend to frown upon.

  3. Er, so… does that mean he lives in Britain or not?

  4. I thought you had to be resident in Britain to donate to local constituency parties as well as national political parties? How can he donate if he isn’t resident in Britain?

  5. Zorro

    “Er, so… does that mean he lives in Britain or not?”

    Who gives a toss? If he has the good sense to keep his finances out of this god forsaken tax hole who can blame him?

    Because the man has common sense does not mean he should not be able to put what he’s earned to work for the good of this country.

    If Labour ministers would do what’s good for this country instead of what they think is good for them, for a change, then you’d stand a lot more chance at the next election.

  6. Johnny Norfolk

    Tom, Here we go again This Ashcroft person wherever he lives is of no interest to me. Its just more Labour smokescreens. and I would not talk about peerages if I were you. I think your previous leader needs to answer questions about that first.

  7. richard

    Every time you take a swing at Ashcroft it just highlights Labour’s own failings in accepting donations from non-residents (leading to the resignation of Wendy Alexander) and the dodgy “loans for peerages” scandals.

    The man’s a self-made millionaire, created a life peer in recognition of his political donations and charitable works (including acting as chairman of Crimestoppers, massive donations to various veterans charities and a £5M donation to the imperial war museum) and is ‘normally’ UK resident which is more than can be said for certain recent Labour donees.,_Baron_Ashcroft


    I think a better subject for discussion is; Would you be attacking him if he was a prominent Labour donor?

  8. Cashcroft can donate via a business trading in the UK, wherever he may live. Except if such a business were deemed to be just a front, a contrivance, an agent for personal donations and he were not an eligible donor.

    Flying Lion’s support for the party of parties is obviously a contrivance. And the rule it exploits is surely not meant for use in the way they use it.

    Why has this contrivance not been shut down?

  9. All the donations are legal according to the Sunday Times story so it’s a non-story.

    Why are you are trying to make an issue about this? Possibly it has something to do with the local difficulties that the Labour Party are experiencing?

    Get real, Tom. The number of funding skeletons your lot has racked up would fill a dozen cupboards.

  10. Zorro

    Chris Paul,

    “Contrivance”, “Sith Institute”, “Gordon Brown”, “Pot”, “Kettle”, “Black”, “Sod”, “Off”.

    Tom: “Is that a “no”, then?”

    No, it’s an “I don’t give a Toss”, as I clearly stated. And nor does 80% of the population of this country, we just want your lot out. Now.

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