Noel Edmonds and crimes against humanity

STRANGE how Noel Edmonds was keen for people to pay their TV licences when he was getting work from the BBC.

Instead of refusing to pay what he owes, perhaps he should be reimbursing those of us who paid the licence fee while Noel’s House Party was being broadcast?

“Trust me Noel – this strategy’s a surefire winner!”



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14 responses to “Noel Edmonds and crimes against humanity

  1. Judging by his interview in the NotW, he also supports the devastation of the UK’s tourist industry – he wants to close the UK border until he can count every single person and deport everyone he doesn’t think belongs here. The mind boggles.

  2. John

    Hand on heart Tom are you just having a go at Edmunds because he had a one-off show on Sky on how to mend a broken Britain?
    I have experienced streams of threatening letters from TV Licencing when having to deal with the protracted probate on a parent’s Estate and his house remained empty for a long time. I think most people would call their modus operandi threatening. Phrases as ‘you will be interviewed under caution’ and ‘wilful evasion’ are commonly used. Their letters arrived every couple of weeks despite, eventually, having to get my MP involved to try and stop them. And yes, i know there are many who DO evade payment, but talk about guilty until you prove you’re innocent.
    I wonder if those who fail to pay their fines for such criminal offences as shoplifting, theft or similar get such threatening mail? I somehow doubt it.

  3. No, John, I’m having a go at Edmonds because of Noel’s House Party. The scars are deep…

  4. John Taylor

    Well done, Tom. He owes us all a big refund.
    Actually, I thought that he’d morphed into Simon Heffer.

  5. Johnny Norfolk

    The BBC is long past its sell buy date . How anyone can say the the BBC is not left wing needs to look again.

    They have broken their charter in being bisaed against the right.

    Name me one BBC reporter that is known to be from the right.

    I do not like Noel Edmonds since he refusesd to speak to my children who recognised him on our walking holiday in thr lake district. but he is right to make a stand against the marxist BBC.

  6. “Name me one BBC reporter that is known to be from the right.”

    Wasn’t Nick Robinson president of the Oxford University Conservative Association before coming president of the Young Conservatives?

  7. Blackacre

    And I think Guto Hari a former BBC political reporter has been recruited by Boris to help run London. Perhaps the question should be reversed.

  8. Daniel

    Well, he’s a Labour donor so he has “paid” for your re-election.

  9. Laurence

    How is the BBC biased against the right???

  10. Mo Daniels

    …and that old leftie that fronts The Daily Politics – Andrew Neil (I mean he’s practically a communist).

  11. Chris

    The awful Edmonds in a Tory through and through and is NOT a Labour donor. He is also a bigwig in the Countryside Alliance in Devon, so that shows what he is really all about. Nasty little creep.

  12. Laurence

    Also…isn’t one of their top economic chaps a notorious conservative?

  13. Johnny Norfolk

    Nick Robinson is just a Labour lap dog, He never rocks the boat, and jumps to Labours defence all the time. He is no Tory or he would not have been given the job. Evertone else is from the left without question.

  14. Angelin

    Sorry, Tom I think Edmonds has given a very balanced point of view on the subject of collecting the licence fee.
    He has a chip, sorry globe, on each shoulder!

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