Mocked by the boss

RUTH Kelly can be very funny sometimes.

I popped along to a reception at Paddington this evening, held to celebrate the fact that the Crossrail Bill, after more than three years of seemingly interminable parliamentary debate, is now an Act. Ruth was making the keynote speech, and paid tribute to everyone who has contributed to Crossrail’s progress thus far. She very kindly singled out me, as the minister who piloted the Bill through its Commons stages. This is how she put it: “I want to give special mention to Tom Harris… because he asked me to earlier today.”

Much hilarity ensued.

Oh, what a wit! But I’ll show her, I thought. I’ll blog this. That’ll show her…


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9 responses to “Mocked by the boss

  1. richard

    Rather good piece in this week’s Private Eye about the Crossrail project.

    If (and when) the Treasury realise that there are better ways to spend £16Bn there is, apparently, a secret plan ready to be rolled out, complete with downgraded materials and a plan to reduce the tunnel size so that it’s only wide enough to accomodate tube trains.

    Any comment?

  2. Yes, I have a comment: the government is contributing just over £5 billion over nearly ten years – not £16 billion.

  3. Johnny Norfolk

    This is good news and well done. Now Tom can you help me , which party was in power that instructed Dr Beeching to close down most of our railway network that we would find so useful today.

  4. “….the government is contributing just over £5 billion over nearly ten years….”

    The government? The bloody government?!

    No, no, no! It’s not the government – it’s the taxpayer that’s contributing, young Tom. Get this into your head and then maybe you might understand why people are so angry with your lot.

  5. John

    One wonders if the money is going to be there to finance it given the current situation.

  6. richard

    Also worth pointing out that government projects invariably run over budget and the mooted roll-out date (June 2017) is a long way away.

    I find it baffling that the first deep bore tube stations took less than 3 yeara to complete and yet we’ll be lucky if we see a train on cross-rail for at least 10 years.

  7. Oh Tom, you really shouldn’t confuse the day job with your excellent blog.

    Crossrail funding:
    DfT (the taxpayer) £5.6bn
    Transport for London/Greater London Authority (farepayer/ratepayer) £7.7bn
    BAA/City of London Corporation/Canary Wharf Group/Berkely Homes (business) £2.7bn

    And ultimately business gets its money from us. And the business funders are under heavy pressure.

  8. John

    Tom, please choose your blog titles with a bit more care….

    Mock….to behave with scorn or contempt towards a person, ridiculing.

    Isn’t it bad enough with 80% of the nation ‘mocking’ Labour without your own buddies doing it?:-)

  9. Zim Flyer

    It will be great if this project happens but with the ongoing financial crisis I can’t see the private sector being able to contribute as much.

    The one good thing about the crisis is that property and land prices should go down, so may be costs may be brought down a little bit on that front.

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