Shoe/other foot scenario shocker!

THOSE of you who accuse Labour of promoting the “nanny state” might be interested to know that West Sussex County Council is run by the Conservatives.



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12 responses to “Shoe/other foot scenario shocker!

  1. John

    Why is it always the motorist who is persecuted?

    Why don’t they concentrate on reducing the time you have to wait at crossings?

    How does the ordinary motorist know how long a train will take?

    How does the ordinary motorist know how looooooooong a train is?

    Labour introduced this culture of FINES for every conceivable misdemeanor.
    With the introduction of 3600 new offences since you came into office, how can you not say we live in a ‘nanny state’ or ‘police state’

  2. In Switzerland, a few years back, the taxi driver shut off the engine at every set of red traffic lights. Modern fuel-efficiency focused cars switch of automatically when stationary for more than a short time and restart automaticlly when you press the accelerator.

    So as a confirmed petrolhead I reckon this is logical, if unpopular, move and not up to your usual standard of party political wrangling. The philosophical question is whether with a bog-standard car, restarting a hot engine momentarily richens the mixture offsetting the saving from not idling. I suspect that in my classic car it would – but then it doesn’t have any clever electronics.

  3. I used to travel around with a chap whose car needed to be push-started every time the engine was switched off.

    All he could afford was this wreck, but it did get him from A to B – especially if he had a passenger to help with the pushing.

    What will he do if he gets stopped at a level crossing in W. Sussex? Keep the engine ticking over and risk a fine which he cannot afford to pay or switch off the engine and then sheepishly try and push the car across the rails with angry horns sounding behind him?

  4. Angelin

    The majority of drivers do tend to switch off engines when stuck in a queue whether it be a motorway holdup or level crossing, it’s common sense.
    Unfortunately we now live in a nannying state where common sense has been replaced by a written order/instruction, usually with a fine attached.

    Governments tend not to make money out of common sense, that’s why they tend not to encourage it.

  5. I think this is more about saving people’s eardrums than about saving the planet. But it’s still a touch nanny state for most right thinking people I’d’ve thought.

    In Geneva there are exciting “Coupez le moteur” signs that light up at some traffic lights but they’ve been there for years and I suspect that they’re there because the junctions are close to people’s homes…

  6. Johnny Norfolk

    It will be to do with funding. The only way for councils to get money is to carry out Labour policies and I bet this is where you will trace this back to. Talk to your local council and off the record they will tell you its the way Labour try and control councils , By only paying for policies they aprove of.

  7. So let me get this straight: when Labour does this it’s control freakery; when Tories do it it’s because Labour made them do it?

    So, if any Tory local authority cuts council tax, it’s Labour that made them do it?

  8. richard

    Sounds like bad science to me. Restarting a hot engine burns significantly more fuel than leaving it idling for five minutes.

  9. Martin Cullip

    Of course it is Labour’s fault. It was a Labour government who brought in the law that allows councils to do this. Why would they turn down the opportunity of a revenue-raising stream that Labour have kindly offered them?

    “(AA spokesman said): ‘The legislation allowing councils to impose such fines has been on the statute books for a few years, but few drivers are aware of it.’

    The Department for Transport said it had issued guidance to councils stressing that they should not issue a £20 penalty notice without first giving drivers a warning.”

  10. Johnny Norfolk

    No Tom labour never reduce anything unless they are made to. ie 10p tax

  11. PS re which party is the most bossy. I’m always heartened when driving to Oxford to be greeted by signs saying “Please use the park and ride”. No doubt these were put up when Labour ran the council. All the Tory or Lib Dem controlled towns and cities I’ve visited seem to go in for commanding “Use the park and ride” ones.

  12. Calum Gilhooley

    As far as I know there’s been a rule like this in Glasgow for several years.

    If your car is idle for more than a minute, it saves energy and emissions to switch off. We’re not in Northern Finland.

    The level crossing would benefit from a timer sign to tell people how long the crossing will be blocked, but it’s a perfectly sensible rule.

    You’re the transport minister – you ought to set up a challenge fund that will encourage the railway operators and local councils to install these timers so people can have confidence that they can usefully switch off at level crossings.

    Think of the opportunity to be photographed handing over cheques to loads of councils!

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