The autocue yet isn’t dead

SUPERSANDAL Nick Clegg has proved why the autocue still has a part to play at party conferences – “Let our country not be fooled again!”?

If I never hear that man’s voice again it will be too soon. Well, got to go – the phone’s ringing. Wonder who’s calling at this time of night…



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7 responses to “The autocue yet isn’t dead

  1. Johnny Norfolk

    Ah I see you are concerned about the Liberals. They may knock you into third place at the next General Election in England. They are moving to the right so they can target Labour seats rather than Tory. Newsnight also had ago at them, so the BBC must have been advised by your properganda machine to do it.

  2. I’ll agree it’s less than snappy, oratorally speaking (pardon the dreadful pun), but it’s not grammatically incorrect.
    Just a little outdated in it’s phrasing.

    Much like his policies the crueler man might interject.

    The Liberals ceased to matter in British politics when Labour and the other socialist union parties came into existence.
    For the last 100 years they’ve been clinging on by moving between the centre to left of centre to right of centre, then back to left of centre.
    The blue tie and whole “let’s cut the tax burden, it’s topical and will get us in the news” thing suggests a lurch to right-of-centre again.

    When will someone do the humanitarian thing and put them out of our misery.

  3. I bet it was Gordon on the ‘phone asking you to take over from Alistair – who’s being moved to Foreign Secretary – so you can steer the economy through these difficult times which are all the Tories’ (and possibly, the SNP’s) fault – not forgetting that nasty Mr Bush. If you can just hold it all together until that nice Mr Obama gets in as President of the USA then everything will be OK.

    And yes, young Tom, you are dead right about Clegg. What a twonker! Great stuff for the Conservatives, though?

  4. I can sense your frustration – it is annoying when the other side do so well. The Lib Dems have had a very good week in Bournemouth developing a real strategy to sort out some of the messes you guys have made with proposals for the housing market, on tax, on the scandal of the DNA database to name but a few.

    Compare and contrast with what’s going on in the Labour Party at the moment – fiddling with internal niceties while the markets burn……..

  5. Blackacre

    The two main parties are always a bit quick to dismiss the Liberal Democrats as not mattering as summed up by Math Campbell above. However, for those of us who cannot bear the authoritarian nature of both the Tories and Labour, they matter quite a lot as the only party who we find it possible to support. I agree they are not perfect and there are certainly swings in policy, but that is the same as any large party which has more than a single issue base.

    I am personally not quite convinced by Clegg, but suspect that in a ballot confronted by a discredited Brown or Cameron about whose motives I am unclear, he would probably end up with the cross in the box.

  6. Johnny Norfolk

    It will be interesting how the Liberals fair. Since the SDP merged with the Liberal party, it moved them to the left. Now thay are moving away from the SDP line. I hope the Liberals continue and become what they used to be called ‘pink tories’ in my younger days. I think Labour has done more harm to this country than anything since the war. The voters trusted you again and just look what you have done. I was born in 1947 and I have known nothing as bad as the last Labour government. The worst before that was the previous Labour government and the next worse was Heaths Conservatives. All on the left. Is there not a learning point here.

  7. Robert

    The fact is people are now really fed up with politics, Labour Tory or Lib Dem’s. The fact is whom ever comes in will work within the global market like it or not, even after this mess in ten months time bankers will be paid millions and debt will go up and boom and bust is back, last night one chap made £30 million by backing HBOS going down and then being bought, he had more then likely insider information but hell profits profits. Brown now says he is going to relaunch again with help for the old , if your over 70 your in for a good time, but if you retire at 65 well your a lazy pathetic piece of crap for letting down people work on until 70 Labours new retirement age.

    Next year we will have a nice new TV program with Kyle telling the sick and the disabled what you have no legs, well why should I pay tax money for you walk on your hands, you have no hands walk on your ass.

    Politics like Banking is bankrupted people no longer care or believe in it hence Labour chase the 16 vote, we already have a problem with 62% of the nation not voting, this may well go down as people give Labour a real kicking, so why do people not vote, well why bother when all you get is the same thing time after time. Like HBOS why not let Labour and the Tories come and join up be one super party, this way nobody need to vote anymore.

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