Europe’s still the Tories’ running sore

IAIN Dale is bemoaning the “helpful” intervention by Tory donor Stuart Wheeler, who has demanded that when in power, Cameron throws a hissy fit at the EU and takes his ball home.

Iain helpfully points out that Wheeler’s first demand – that if, by the time the Tories come to power, the Lisbon Treaty hasn’t been ratified, they’ll hold a referendum – is already Tory policy.

There are two reasons why this particular manifesto promise won’t be kept:

(1) By plunging the country into 18 months of chaos, where every anti-European obsessive and BNP activist in the country will have their 15 minutes, Cameron would risk public association of his party with the nutjob tendency, thereby guaranteeing a single-term government; and

(2) The Tories will lose the next general election. You read it here first, folks.


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23 responses to “Europe’s still the Tories’ running sore

  1. John

    Reply to
    1) What’s 18 months of fictional chaos compared to 12 years of real chaos?

    2) S**t Tom, you really think the LibDems are going to win the next election?

  2. For some sad reason, New Labour has a big problem with patriots.

    NL people also continually fear the BNP “stealing” YOUR votes!

    The majority wants a referendum – and didn’t appreciate Labour’s barefaced lies – so I wonder how you have the brass neck to even mention Stuart Wheeler.

  3. Zim Flyer

    Labour’s record on the EU has been pretty shameful, what happened to our referendum? There is a bottleneck of hatred towards the EU which grows the more politicians stall a vote on the EU and it’s various treaties.

  4. Blackacre

    Tom, I would love to hear how you think Labour can win next time around. The problem with the government at the moment from the perspective of an outsider is that there is no impression that you have any idea how you can do this! Without that well in advance of a 4 week campaign, I just do not see the public falling in behind another term.

  5. Zorro

    “The Tories will lose the next general election. You read it here first, folks.”

    Bet you a month of my wages vs a month of yours that Labour doesn’t win the next election..

    If by ‘nutjob tendancy’ you mean not wanting to be in Europe, you do realise you just called 75% of the UK population nutjobs?

  6. By “nutjob” I mean those who are utterly obsessed by a hatred of Europe. I accept there’s a level of Euro-scepticism among ordinary voters, but I wasn’t describing them. I think we all know the kind of person I mean.

  7. richard

    So, we’re back to predicting a meteor strike on Smith Square?

    Latest poll ratings had the Conservatives on 52%, 28 points ahead of Labour.

    That would give Dave a slim majority of just 200 and decapitate half the cabinet.

  8. By “political nutjobs” I mean those who are utterly obsessed by a hatred of Europe. I accept there’s a level of Euro-scepticism among ordinary voters, but I wasn’t describing them. I think we all know the kind of person I mean.

  9. Martin Cullip

    What do you mean by ‘nutjobs’, Tom? 😉

  10. richard

    I do think that most Conservative supporters (and members of the Conservative party) don’t hate Europe. In line with a lot of people in the UK, they just don’t want to become a region within a larger European superstate.

  11. Andrew F

    (2) The Tories will lose the next general election.

    The problem with this sentence is that, because everyone knows you don’t believe it, it brings into question the validity of the rest of the post.

  12. Nick from Munich

    Tom exactly what policy or policies have Labour got that are going to reverse the 28 point lead?

    Come on give us the popular stuff, the vote winners.

    Is it women going without the burka in Afghanistan at a cost so far of 120 UK troops.

    GP’s earning a reasonable wage (110k a year)

    The charisma of the great helmsman or the pride of staging the London olympics at a cost of billions.

    Are these what the UK will vote for?

  13. Johnny Norfolk

    Tom. I voted yes to go into the Common Market. I did not vote yes for a USE. When we were in the ERM the real test came when our so called partners France and Germany failed to stand by us and beat off the Sorras attack on the GBP. At that point I finnished with the EU. They failed at the first hurdle. All France and Germany want to do is finnish us as a commpetitor. I can list you many things that we have done for France and Germany. Name me one that they have done for us.

    I am not against a trading policy with the rest of Europe but am totaly against trusting the French and Germans to look after our interests. If you think they will, just look at the realality of it all. I was right about Brown and Labour and I am right about the EU.

  14. lloyd

    Oh dear your holiday did not do you much good did it!

  15. Madasafish

    Can I have some of what you are drinking (or is it what you are smoking?)

    And could you give it to Gordon: he needs cheering up…

    A cheered up Gordon might stand a chance. At winning something.. Perhaps tombola?

  16. richard

    Perhaps Tom is referring to a moral victory, as opposed to the sort of victory where you actually win.

  17. roman

    Mr Harris – I don’t ‘hate’ Europe or the Europeans – why would I, when both sets of my grandparents, and my father, came from Central Europe.

    What I hate is the kind of smear job people like you try to do on those of us who are not in favour of the concept of the United States of Europe.

    Parties don’t win elections by sneering at large sections of the electorate.

  18. John Hopkins

    Labour is going to pay for the 2005 manifesto lie and more than once. I have not voted Conservative in the 20 years since Maastricht, but it will be a lot longer than that before I vote for a party again that says one thing to elected and then marches its MPs into the Westminster lobby to vote against their own manifesto.

  19. I’ve always wondered what became of Saddam Hussein’s ever-optimistic propaganda minister. I’m quite glad he did OK for himself, even if he was a Ba’athist: the amazingly inaccurate bulletins he gave about American troops still stuck in Germany as the tanks hove into view behind him provided about the only light relief of a very grim story, that’s looked evermore like a car crash as things go on.

    I’m surprised he’s allowed to sit in the House of Commons, though, especially under an assumed name. Isn’t there some kind of ban on that? Or was he naturalized really, really quickly and given a new ID as a reward for the endless amusement he gave us?

  20. Charlie

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That was my reaction to you thinking Lab will win the election. If you really think that, anything else you say is invalid.

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