From Euston, with love

I WRITE this in my cabin aboard the Caledonian Sleeper, which hasn’t yet left Euston on its journey to Glasgow. I had to leave the National Rail Awards at the Grosvenor early to get here.

I do love that particular annual awards ceremony – it reminds me why I love being the rail minister: hordes of people who are genuinely enthusiastic about the rail industry and whose achievements are recognised and celebrated – in style – by their peers.

Also, it’s a chance to wear a tux. Now, all you blokes will understand what I’m about to say, but for the womenfolk, this may come as a bit of a revelation: every man, when wearing a black tie and tux, is secretly humming the James Bond theme to himself. True story.

Not me. Sadly.

Not me. Sadly.



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13 responses to “From Euston, with love

  1. Carolyn

    your caption on the photograph of Daniel Craig -‘Not Me. Sadly’. You’re not as sad about that as I am. Happy Anniversary all the same x

  2. Only true up to a point. I used to feel like that, but since gaining weight and shaving my head I now can’t wear a tux without feeling like a bouncer at Raquel’s Ballroom in Basildon.

  3. Angelin

    Brilliant- a wife with a great sense of humour (I hope)

  4. John

    If it’s any comfort to Carolyn, there are millions in this country who are sad about the inadequacies of politicians, but never mind, a good sense of humour goes a long way. šŸ™‚

  5. James



    My name is …….James…..

    …..James Bond…….

    And I am Oh….Oh…….so certain that Tom is going to find it hard to live this one down.

    PS. If ever you fancy a go in my Aston Martin sometime…………..

  6. Simon

    I’m told that all women know the reason that men make the extra effort to tie a bow-tie themselves (rather than a nice elasticated number) is so they can look like members of the rat-pack once it gets past midnight. And that this fails to impress!

  7. James

    I bet it was a stand-up do,all crushed like sardines, cold buffet and people shouting on mobiles.

    Don’t tell me- an all ticket affair, grossly overpriced but fortunately subsidised by the taxpayer.

    I attend ‘do’s like that everyday.

    But surely anoraks should have been the dress code šŸ™‚

  8. Entirely funded by a private sector sponsor, if you must know. And I couldn’t get my mobile to work.

  9. James

    Don’t think you quite got the gist of that one Tom.

  10. I ‘spose there’s no hope of getting a chap of your age to call it a dj rather than a tux (nasty Hollywood/American vulgarism – ugh!)?

    Thought not…

  11. Zorro

    Happy anniversary you two!

  12. Forgive me for being a pedant but the more usual term in the British Isles for a “dinner suit” is DJ.

    Tuxedo is favoured by our North American cousins.

    Good to see that ScotRail won “Train Operator of the Year”.

    Just goes to show what can be achieved when an enlightened executive funds additional rolling stock and expansion of the network…

    But then I would say that.

  13. Johnny Norfolk

    Do you remember when your now leader used to go to formal city dinners in his lounge suit. Just how rude was that. Tells you what kind of person he is.

    I am not sure who I like least Arthur Scargill or Gordon Brown.

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