Oh, Kerry. Kerry, Kerry, Kerry…

SERVES me right, I suppose, for arriving for my hospital outpatient appointment without buying a newspaper first. So there I was, in the waiting room, unable to use my phone to browse the web, with the only available reading material being an old copy of OK! magazine.

So I’m brousing its glossy pages full of pictures of celebrities and, of course, “celebrities”, when I come across the jewell in the crown: Kerry Katona’s OK! Diary. It’s genius. This passage in particular caught my eye:

Heath Ledger has to win an Oscar for his role in The Dark Knight

It goes on:

I haven’t seen it yet…

Hmm. Not that much of an endorsement, then, is it?

…but I’ve read some reviews and apparently he’s the best Joker yet.

Best Joker yet, eh? So the best since, well, since Jack Nicholson in 1989. And before that, of course, there was Cesar Romero…

So, assuming the Academy is paying due attention to Kerry, that posthumous Oscar looks a cert.

And she signed off with this: “Don’t miss my brilliant column exclusively in OK! every week.”

Oh, I won’t, Kerry, don’t you worry. (I wonder if she’s watched The Dark Knight yet? Probably wait for it to come out on DVD…)


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10 responses to “Oh, Kerry. Kerry, Kerry, Kerry…

  1. Angelin

    Sounds like she should have been in Hearsay not Atomic Kitten.

    Probably a Lib Dem supporter.

  2. It’s Hear’Say, not Hearsay. And I hate myself for knowing that.

  3. Angelin

    Excuse me Mr. Harris, I was deliberately spelling it that way, as a play on words, as I didn’t want to leave myself open to being sued by any pop group of a similar elk who would take offence of such a suggestion of membership or association.

    You didn’t.

    I bet you’ve got a Cliff Richard collection as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Paul

    Tom: You’ve just brightened up my day

  5. Madasafish

    I think OK is a great magazine#.

    Obviously pitched at the right intellectual level for Labour MPs… and probably their supporters as well.

    Which explains why there are few Labour supporters posting here – as Tom complained in an earlier thread.. they are all – like Tom – reading OK or Hello or some other high brow magazine.. not low brow stuff like this blog.


    # for pictures.

  6. You leave poor Kerry alone. She’s skint and if she doesn’t earn a crust through her journalistic endeavours, she’ll have to shop at Iceland or somewhere.

    See the brilliant http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/celebrity/katona-forced-to-go-to-iceland-200808221193/ and laugh till you wee.

  7. Kerry McCarthy

    Please don’t do that to me! I saw your headline and my heart flipped, wondering what on earth I’ve done.

    It’s bad enough going into the newsagents and seeing all the cover stories about her every day without you starting.

  8. Mark

    err could we get back to fighting the Tories instead of this mind numbing banality..

  9. Mark – I take it you’re new to this blog?

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