Saying it with style

VERY impressed with Labour’s new web design and layout. I always thought the old site was a bit dull (which is why I didn’t visit it too often). But the one launched today seems to “get it”. Should make it easier to allow members to use it as a proper campaigning resource, and not just as a corporate source of information.

Also, pretty colours make me glad…



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9 responses to “Saying it with style

  1. Johnny Norfolk

    ‘Winning the fight for Britains Future’ just says it all. Still deluded.

  2. You’re absolutely right Tom, getting the party website right is the priority at the moment… 😉

  3. richard

    Spending money on a flashy new website when the Party is practically bankrupt seems like exactly the sort of smart move we’ve all come to expect from New Labour.

  4. John

    So this is what your Party is spending Mr. H. Potter’s money on.

  5. Thanks for posting this. It gave me inspiration to write my own critique of the new website.

  6. Clare Owens

    Actually it probably is what Labour need right now. Confident, upto date and a hub for activists – you’ll never win with your heads hung. It’s a lot better than the new downing street site and a whole lot better than the libdems new site. Nice work Tom.

  7. Wes Mantooth

    Oh dear the video at bottom left has a still of Jo Brand, the bright new face of new Labour. That’s enough to make any toddler barf.

  8. richard

    Deckchairs. Titanic. Shuffling?

  9. becci

    Nothing Labour does at the moment gets a good reaction, so let me say it. Your new site is lovely to look at and is clearly designed to appeal to supporters (I’m a supporter and it appeals to me both aesthetically and functionally). It’s got a British flavour of what we’ve seen in American campaigns too.

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