Time for a name change?

A READER recently left a comment informing me that the next instalment of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is to be called “And Another Thing”.

Meanwhile, over at The Spectator, Paul Johnson’s monthly column has the same title. So maybe I didn’t choose the most original title for this blog when I started it.

The idea came initially from the caption of a photo of Liam Neeson in a 1996 issue of Empire magazine. I burst out laughing when I saw it and it has just stuck in my mind ever since.

"And another thing..."

"And another thing..."

But this blog is now more than six months old, and I’m considering a redesign and a new web address. So maybe now is the time for a new title? Or maybe not.

Any thoughts?

Anyway, why am I blogging when Manchester is full of kindly folk wishing to buy me drink and food? I’m off to find Iain Dale, who apparently needs help separating himself from a £50 note. Always happy to oblige – that’s the kind of guy I am.



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10 responses to “Time for a name change?

  1. Nah, I wouldn’t bother with a name change.

  2. Hope you’ve helped Iain break into that £50 note – you didn’t touch it did you? He might have a nasty virus! (Oh no! He’s not there is he? Still celebrating West Ham’s victory, I expect.)

    On the topic of your blog’s name change how about: “Labouring Under a Misapprehension” or “Memoirs of an ex-Minister”? Or, what about “Stuffed!”.

    Just joking……

  3. Well, I hope you find your food and drink. Although I suspect you’d had a wee bit of both when you posted that James Bond picture the other night.

    Your blog has found its way to the top of Iain Dale’s lists at this URL. If it ain’t broke, why the hell try to fix it?

  4. John

    The Times is labelling you a rebel this morning simply because you wrote a few words about your friend David Cairns.
    Talk about grasping at straws………

  5. Quentinthecrisp

    Some ideas (not to be taken seriously):

    Once upon a time……… (Grim tales)
    Read my quips………. ( Bush)
    Labour Pains………….
    (prob. won’t last longer than 9mths)
    Tom and ‘Berry ………..(Blackberry of course)
    Aboard the gravy train…….
    The Flying Scotsman……..
    You’ve never ‘ad it so good…. (MacMillan)
    Private Harris……………(Dr. Who character)
    Harris Meant……….. (play on harrasment)
    Tom, Dick or Harris……. (Any)
    Scot’s Forrage notes…. (Scot’s Porridge Oats)

  6. That’s the problem with you new Labour chappies – constantly seeking change for it’s own sake.

    Caron is right, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  7. Zim Flyer

    Keep the existing name, it’s a good brand because the message it gives is this is an “extra” from your official website.

  8. Andrew F

    How about, “Why is everyone so bloody miserable?” Or maybe, “Bloody Miserable” for short. 😉

    Really, though: no changes, please. It’s great as it is.

  9. Blackacre

    You also share a name with the blog of magazine impressario David Hepworth, which causes me a problem on my bookmarks as I can never remember which of you is in which place in the order. So, you have my vote to change it.

    How about “So long and thanks for all the fish”?

  10. Rapunzel

    Please don’t change name or layout. Your blog is easy on the eye because there isn’t too much confusion on the rest of the page and it’s easy to navigate.

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