99th in a field of 100

I CAN feel the power coursing through my veins already: I’ve been named for the first (and probably the last) time in the Top 100 Lefties in The Sunday Telegraph. Okay, I came in at 99, beating only Charles Clarke, but it’s better than previous years’ lists*.

In other news, Jaz Singh of LabourHome tells me that, alongside Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes, And another thing… is bookmarked on a computer at Democratic National Committee HQ in the US.

Did I mention the power/coursing/veins thing already?


* unlisted


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4 responses to “99th in a field of 100

  1. Young Tom – you’re loveable aren’t you? You know we don’t give a flying fart about all these lists. You’re our number one! We love you whatever tosh you write.

    But I am reminded of an old (very crude) joke that ends “….99… change hands”.

  2. Ahem, it’s Jag with a G, btw.

    Or you can just call me 98…

  3. Robert

    That means your on the list in the USA, which means your 1,876th on the FBI watched list, and 56th on the CIA list of people with a socialism problem.

  4. Just ahead of Charles Clarke eh? So it’s you now Gordon who has to watch their back from Mr Clarke then is it? 😉

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