First night hiccups

LAST night did not start well. I tried – and failed – to gain access to the Unite reception but was told by the bloke on the door that, without an invite, it wasn’t going to happen.

I decided against the whole “do you know who I am?” routine. Carolyn and I were at a club years ago with a senior Labour figure and his wife (and no, I’m not going to narrow it down any further) who, when bar staff failed to serve him quickly enough, actually said, in all seriousness: “Do you know who I am?”

Later that night I told Carolyn that if I ever did that, she should divorce me immediately. “Don’t worry, I will,” she replied.

Anyway, back in Manchester 2008, it turns out I was on the guest list at the Unite do after all, but by the time I was told this I had huffed off to another reception. Had an early(ish) night, actually, which is a good thing to have on first night of conference (though I did consider going to the Gay night, but I’ve had enough Abba songs already this year, and I couldn’t be bothered going through security twice to get there and back).

And I never caught up with Dale or his 50 quid note.


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7 responses to “First night hiccups

  1. Quentinthecrisp

    You said you wore a tux the other night.
    I was wondering, you being a fine scotsman, do you ever get ‘kilted’ up on such ocassions?

  2. Angelin

    The more I read about your wife, the more I like her.
    Don’t suppose there’s any chance of Carolyn starting her own blog?
    You could then be the ‘Richard and Judy’ of the blogworld.

  3. TC

    Tom, you weren’t on your own left out in the cold by Unite. The Daily Record, the pride of the trade union press, were also refused entry. Charlie Wheelan was hovering near the door but even his considerable influence was limited. Being well-connected the Herald sailed in. I can report the music was funky, comrades were generous with the beer, and there were no arrests.

  4. Johnny Norfolk

    Just who do you think you are.

  5. Ani

    “And I never caught up with Dale or his 50 quid note.”
    Perhaps as well.

    Make a real effort and try catching up with a blogging hero of mine, Labour’s own Bob Piper, he’ll tell you straight what’s what.

    Unless you prefer the siren voices of the likes of Dale and wee Fraser….

  6. .As Unite own the Labour Party now I `m surprised attendance was optional .How else will you know what your policies are going to be …?

  7. Wes Mantooth

    Just as well you didn’t get into the Unite reception, or had you already heard Charlie Whelan earlier?

    From The Hootsman.

    “Charlie Whelan, Mr Brown’s spin doctor when he was chancellor, said telephone canvassing of Unite union members in the constituency showed a critical number were thinking of supporting the SNP.

    He told a fringe meeting in Manchester that the union had spoken to its 4,000 members there and “currently the SNP are ahead”.

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