Named and (not particularly) shamed

JOURNALISTS are really scraping the bottom of the barrel to try to get new angles on the “leadership crisis” story. Today’s Sunday Times names me as risking “censure” by expressing sympathy with David Cairns

Well, if “Minister still friends with former minister” qualifies as a story, then British journalism really is going down the pan.



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5 responses to “Named and (not particularly) shamed

  1. Angelin

    99 Red Balloons
    99 Icecream
    99 th Left winger Tom Harris
    Just beating Charles Clarke (100th)

    Telegraph 100 left wingers-Iain Dale

  2. Vincent McDee

    Pardon me saying so, Tom, but the way 10 Downing has been behaving lately I would not be very surprised if someone knocks on your door at 4 am and it is not the milkperson. Censure may not be the only risk involved when contradicting or going against the Supreme Leader’s whims.

    And I truly wish this was tongue-in-cheek.

  3. richard

    I was truly horrified to see Gordon doing another soft-ball interview with his favourite lickspittle, Andrew Marr.

    I turned it off after one particulary toadyish question, something along the lines of “Prime Minister, why doesn’t everyone realise how brilliant you are?”…


    Anyone looking for signs of left-wing BBC bias can find the interview on iPlayer

  4. Wes Mantooth

    Tommy, the article wasn’t about you. It was about the complete disarray that Labour finds itself in over the Glenrothes campaign, with your own canvass returns claiming you will lose by 5000 votes!

    The ICM’s poll claims both parties are neck and neck at 43%, yet prior to Glasgow East they had Labour ahead on 17%. Could Labour really turn a 10,000 majority into losing by 5,000 votes?

  5. richard

    ICM poll had SNP and Labour on level-pegging in Glasgow East as well.

    I suspect the result this time around will be a similarly poor showing for Labour and a modest SNP-gain…

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