On the fringe

THE FRINGE meeting on blogging is just about to finish, and it’s been quite encouraging and interesting discussion, once you dispense with all the “empower”, “facilitate” and “grassroots” type language. Derek Draper was very good and very funny. Mark Hanson of LabourHome got a bit of criticism over the leadership poll.

And well-attended, too. A lot of enthusiasm, not just for blogging, but for Labour.



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3 responses to “On the fringe

  1. Blogging during a meeting!

    Bad Minister!

    Hasn’t some teacher been had up for something similar?

    Please no repeat tonight at the NR/ATOC do.

    Go on I dare you…

  2. Johnny Norfolk

    I hope Draper had washed his hair. Last time I saw him he looked like a down and out.

  3. Robert

    It’s like those people that now go to conference and clap stand up shouting, like China they are told to do it otherwise no wages no jobs or expenses.

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