Risking a ‘Marigold moment’

RETURNING to the conference secure zone last night, I had to go through the x-ray machine again. I’m not having much luck with this equipment at the moment. Even after I’ve removed all my coins, pens and my watch, it still beeps and I’m subjected to the uncomfortably intimate body search by a thorough but amiable security guard.

As he gave my entire body a going over last night, I risked a Marigold moment by saying: “You might at least have bought me dinner first!”

Not as much fun as you might think

Not as much fun as you might think



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5 responses to “Risking a ‘Marigold moment’

  1. John

    Have you been at those vitamin B12 pills (iron tablets) again?

    Take tooooooooo many and you end up on the radar.

  2. You don’t have a Verichip implanted under your skin, do you?

    I’ve heard that some really important people have them…

  3. Wes Mantooth

    Talking of amiable security guards. Is old Walter Wolfgang at this years party conference?

  4. Johnny Norfolk

    Tom you also need to remove the hidden microphone to stop the alarms going off.

  5. dreamingspire

    Was in the pub earlyish on Saturday evening. Quiet. Then the raid – well, not quite: through the door slowly came one, two, three, four police officers and a man tall, late 50s but looking older, serious and somewhat downtrodden, carrying a clipboard and wearing an ID badge on his belt. This man in mufti must be a Council Officer, we thought. One police officer then donned the latex gloves and walked towards one of our group – but he was smiling, and it was soon made clear that my mate (who also works for the Council) knows this PC well, as they have to collaborate quite regularly. By the time that they had finished the visit, the lady sergeant had to restrain herself from laughing out loud. Feedback the next day is that there are pubs in this part of town known to have links to drug problems, so in a spirit of being fair to all they are routinely checking every pub.

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