The gender war continues

GREAT to see that some Labour Party traditions never die. For instance, the tradition of shouting heckles that are completely irrelevant to the discussion taking place.

A friend tells me that at a fringe meeting yesterday on the subject of the US elections, Hilary Armstrong was in the chair and announced that she would take contributions from the floor, but that at least one in three would be from a  woman.

So a bloke who managed to grab the roving mic responded: “That’s completely wrong.” And when Hilary, rather sensibly, defended her approach, he shouted: “That’s bonkers!”

A pity he didn’t use the opportunity to ask a question about the US elections. But every fringe meeting has someone like that in the audience. Adds colour, in my view.


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8 responses to “The gender war continues

  1. goodtimepolitics

    And also the race war. Its a never ending story, the LA times had a good story about the race thing that I agree with.

  2. John

    …’she would take contributions from the floor’…

    For a bankrupt Party I’d have thought she’d be grateful to receive them from anywhere.£££££££££££££ 🙂

  3. “I’m here all week – try the veal…”

  4. Zorro

    Did the bloke subsequently get arrested under anti-terror legislation?

  5. Is the audience made up of two-thirds men? Or do women not ask enough questions without encouragement?

    I’m just confused why she felt it was necessary to state her approach to taking questions, instead of just doing it, although I appreciate the importance of getting all sides heard in a debate on US politics – race, sex and politics.

    Did she not have control over the roving mic?

  6. Angelin

    How refreshing to see the Prime Minister’s wife introduce him before ‘the speech’.

  7. Johnny Norfolk

    I thought if you did that at a Labour conference you were frog marched out under the terror laws.

  8. Amusingly at the Lib-Lab Fabian discussion Peter Hain talked of Dave Cameron getting into bed with Nick Clegg and some clown shouted “31”. I was that clown. And Walter is a loyal Labourist. Which is why I proposed reference back for the agenda on the last morning in 2005 so that we could avoid unelected Valerie Amos and Charlie Faulkner telling us (with Buff Hoon) how to “engage with the electorate and have comradely greetings fromLab CND = WW instead..

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