Stand up for Labour

IT’S ALWAYS encouraging for any party activist when a well-known and popular celebrity makes it clear he or she is a member or supporter. I was certainly pleasantly surprised when the Doctor* himself introduced the PM at a Labour fundraiser earlier this year.

This time it was Eddie Izzard, one of my all-time favourite stand-ups who I’ve seen live on at least three occasions. Make that four, because he gave the after-dinner speech at last night’s conference gala dinner in Manchester.

He started off by playing with the remote control which operated the height of the lectern. When it got to its lowest possible point – about 18 inches high – some wag in the audience shouted: “That’s for Hazel Blears!”

Then he started talking about his conference experience, describing it as “like the Edinburgh fringe, except with guns”.

Gordon also produced some new jokes, including one about Nick Clegg (he referred to him only as “the leader of the Liberal Party”) and the number 30. Has GB been reading this blog, I wonder?


* The central character is called “the Doctor”. “Doctor Who” is the name of the show, not the character. It’s true – ask David Tennant.



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12 responses to “Stand up for Labour

  1. Sacha

    Heard the one about the experienced leader and the embarrasing snub? Yeah, I don’t funny either 🙂

  2. Martin Cullip

    Lucky neither smoke otherwise they wouldn’t have been allowed within a mile of the place.

  3. “The central character is called “the Doctor”. “Doctor Who” is the name of the show, not the character. ”

    Of course, it’s the character’s name. After all we have canonical proof with WOTAN’s order to bring “Doctor Who” in The War Machines.

    Call yourself a fan 😉

  4. Johnny Norfolk

    Ah yes. He was presenting your economic policy.

  5. You are rapidly becoming one of the stereotypical buffons that are portrayed as politicians in your so beloved children’s TV programmes and films.

    When are you going to grow up, young Tom?

  6. John

    Why am I not surprised that the Labour Party attracts those celebs connected in some way to the world of fantasy and makebelieve 🙂

  7. Hasn’t he donated to the Labour Party for a while?

  8. Headless

    Hasn’t he also done a short series of pro-Labour podcast thingies about the EU in the last 18-24 months?

    It was while TB was still PM, I remember that, as well as it being very pro-Labour.

  9. Headless

    (but you’re right, Tom, he is still bloody funny.)

  10. “Liberal Party” is hardly a new joke Tom many of your colleagues in Westminster, like yourself, ignore the Democrat part when referring to us in the House, at hustings, in the press wherever.

    What is the joke however is when someone comments on an annointed leader dropping the word democrat from another who actually was democratically elected by OMOV.

  11. Simon

    Can’t believe Scott beat me to citing the War Machines! Good pedantry.

  12. TC

    Tom, my favourite Eddie Izzard joke, which I couldn’t resist telling him.

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