Last word (from me) on Ruth

INTERESTING conversation with a journalist who phoned me just as I was opening my front door on Wednesday, having only that second returned from Manchester:

“Tom, when did you first learn about Ruth?”

“Well, actually it was Ben Brogan at breakfast this morning. It’s on my blog.”

“Yes, I’m reading it now. You mean, you didn’t hear about it last night in the                  bar?”

“No, I had an early night.”

“You went to bed early? At conference?”

“Uh… yes. Sorry. Looks like I missed all the excitement.”

“You went to bed early? At conference?”

“Yeah… Look, can I go now?”

The fact is I’m getting very, very old. There was a time when I could drink until 4.00 am and still manage to get up in time for the first conference vote (in the days when there were conference votes). These days, I need my slippers and Horlicks before ten or I’m no good to anyone.

Ooh, and now I can feel me lumbago playing up…



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12 responses to “Last word (from me) on Ruth

  1. When do you think you’ll get the nod to replace her?

  2. You realise of course that the 4th Estate does not believe anything in politics is coincidence or serendipity, right?

    I give you tomorrow’s headline: “Minister hid in room as news of his boss’s resignation was announced”

  3. John

    The truth probably is Tom that you went to bed early because your conference was predictable and boring.
    No voting- no passion
    You’ll be glad to get back to the day job.

  4. Angelin

    You wait till you reach 40 🙂

    it gets worse 🙂

  5. Oh bless! (Or was that sarcasm?)

  6. Angelin

    It was meant as a compliment 🙂

    But I don’t blame you for being suspicious, given some of the comments I have read on here.

  7. Johnny Norfolk

    Hey Tom, glad you are having early nights.

    Early to bed
    Early to rise
    Makes a man Healthy
    Wealthy and Wise.

    Could you please ask Brown to do the same.
    sadly it wont make any difference

  8. C

    Karaoke is the secret to staying young!

  9. Andrew F

    Oh, cry me a river. If only I could sleep before 3am…

  10. Chris' Wills

    Why no votes?

    I thought political get togethers happened so that you and your fellow party members (I assume you are a paid up member) could decide party policy.
    You remember the concept of democracy, party members vote on what the party policies should be.

    If the party members don’t vote on issues, how does NuLabour decide their policies nowadays?

    Oh yes, good luck in the next shuffle. Perhaps you’ll get your former boss’ job, two years and then a nice fat former minister’s pension and a spot of gardening.

  11. Actually there were votes. For example the platform got beaten on the Working Time Directive opt out. But for some reason the baying mob didn’t notice.

    I’m suprised Tom didn’t know; as emailers and other would be contacts to Ms Kelly at the ministry were, I understand, being referred to her parliamentary (even constituency) office for some days before this happened.

  12. Martin Cullip

    “There was a time when I could drink until 4.00 am and still manage to get up in time for the first conference vote”

    Did you exceed the Government’s 21 unit directive Tom?

    I hope not as it would look very hypocritical if you had done things that your party are attempting to ban others from doing.

    (Yes, I know it’s not banned yet but your Government is exceedingly poor in the area of personal freedoms and responsibilities, so you can’t be trusted not to be on your way to alcohol rationing. Especially after the complete waste of taxpayers funds on (completely disingenuous) ads telling us how many units are in a glass of wine or beer!)

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