Quiet news day, you think?

HOPING for some coverage of the US presidential election debate a few minutes ago, I tuned into BBC News Channel.

Turns out that if I wanted an extensive, in-depth analysis of the new series of Postman Pat, that was the channel to watch. Seriously. 

Still, it’s not as if there’s anything more important happening anywhere in the world, is it?

not a candidate

Pat: not a candidate



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4 responses to “Quiet news day, you think?

  1. John

    I hope you’re not taking the p**s out of a dearly loved British institution?

    Postman Pat that is

  2. Surely this government has closed Greendale Post Office by now?!?

  3. A Comrade

    Postman Pat is of course the chairman of the National Policy Forum. I kid you not – ask him what he did each Christmas he was a student 🙂

  4. Andrew F

    Youtube, Tom.

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