Going once, going twice…

IT’S THE September weekend here in Scotland, so my constituency office is closed and I’m at home spending too much time on the computer.

And in between doing the odd bit of tidying up, I’ve found a way of “tidying up” and staying on the computer: eBay.

Loads of old books and DVDs that I know I will never in a million years look at again – might as well see if anyone out there wants them for a small, very reasonable, cost.

So far today I’ve posted never-watched DVDs of Episodes One and Two of Star Wars. It pains me to see how the magic was murdered, so I know I’ll never want to see them again. Also a couple of American comic trade paperbacks (as they say in the trade). My aim is to post at least one item a day on eBay from now until I go back to the Commons next Monday.

What next? I’m sure I had a biography of David Cameron somewhere. Starting price 1p, free P&P…


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7 responses to “Going once, going twice…

  1. John

    Cameron’s biography for a penny.
    At least that’s a penny more than you’ll get for the Bradford and Bingley

  2. Martin Cullip

    How about selling the Labour 2005 GE manifesto in the Fiction category? 😉

  3. Johnny Norfolk

    I have a bottle of House of Commons whisky signed by Mrs T. How much will i get for that on E Bay.?

  4. I tried to sell a few books and DVD’s on ebay. I found that buyers offered such small amounts of money for them that by the time you have bothered to post them out, you might as well just throw them in the bin!

  5. Patchouli

    Most would give them to a charity shop. Tsk.

    Do hope you’ll remember to declare the income – you are so going to get caned.

  6. John

    Not a lot, Johnny. But if you wait till the lady is no longer with us, it should increase in value.

    I,too, am busy selling things on Ebay. Not out of the desire to ‘tidy up’ more of a necessity, what with a huge council tax bill to pay and rising food prices.

  7. Yes, episode 1 and 2 are indeed rubbish. I argue that Episode 3 is as good as the originals but I tend to get abuse for that.

    On a related note, I walked past a girl on the way to Holyrood this morning that had Princes Leah buns in her hair. Tremendous!!

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