I know my place – third

IN THE aftermath of Ruth Kelly’s announcement that she will leave the government at the next reshuffle, Railway Eye (rather mischievously, I thought) decided to run an online poll on who should replace her.

I was quite chuffed to be given 10/1 odds. But as it stands at the moment, I’m losing out to Nigel Harris (no relation), the amiable and respected managing editor of Rail magazine, and to the ever-popular “None of the above”.

So will Nigel be waiting, along with the rest of us, for that phone to ring? More importantly, who will he want as his rail minister?


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9 responses to “I know my place – third

  1. richard

    Ironically I think the current banking crisis might bode rather poorly for a number of ministers who thought themselves safe. Anyone trying to oust Gordon in the middle of a “financial emergency” would be seen in a very poor light.

  2. Johnny Norfolk

    Tom, as a communicator you are head and shoulders above the rest. You will publish negatve comments about your party and are prepared to do this on a regular basis. I will watch with interest who replaces Ruth Kelly. Perhaps Brown will offer it to a Conservative as a gesture of co-operation, to help secure George Osbourns advice.

    Good luck.

  3. Tom – you are a very good sport!

  4. If anyone wants to read more of my Black Wednesday its on my website

    (on the pages section at the bottom)

    I wrote whilst doing an MA at Sheff Uni in 2006 and found it on my laptop.


  5. are you in Strasbourg? I thought I saw you here yesterday, if not you have a double

  6. No, it wasn’t me. Rick Astley, perhaps? Or maybe John Gordon Sinclair?

  7. Cheer up, it could have been fourth if the Fact Compiler had included Anita Harris!

  8. John

    Just looked on the online poll and you’re 2nd not 3rd

  9. Shelldrake

    If only I knew a good GB impressionist…

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