September stats: onwards and upwards!

I ADMIT to being not entirely clued up when it comes to analysing blog statistics. I read somewhere recently that, according to Google, this site only has about 100 regular readers. Well, it’s quality that counts, isn’t it?

But setting aside the “mine is bigger than yours” arguments, this is what my month-by-month traffic looks like in the six months since I began blogging.

Whatever the number of readers (and the figures on the left seem to bear no relation to that, for some reason), the trend is pretty unequivocal. The spike I experienced in June with the whole “Heaven knows we’re miserable now” controversy has been sustained, which is gratifying.

So thank you to everyone who’s paid a visit in the past, and especially to those who come here regularly. I’m sure you’ll agree that high blood pressure and furious indignation are a small price to pay for quality writing.



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12 responses to “September stats: onwards and upwards!

  1. “this site only has about 100 regular readers” – high fibre diets needed by the rest?

  2. Chris' Wills

    ….I’m sure you’ll agree that high blood pressure and furious indignation are a small price to pay for quality writing…………..

    True, some of your commentators produce some interesting writing.

    Quick question, any chance of adding a preview option for comments?

  3. I’ll look into it, Chris. It depends on whether that’s an option WordPress offer.

  4. John

    Yes the quality of the commentors’ writing is extremely high but only to be expected as most of them have Conservative leanings. 🙂

  5. Madasafish

    It’s all these nasty Tory readers you have…

    Labour bloggers tend to be very subdued.. maybe it’s the diet of listening to Gordon Brown’s speeches:the eyes glaze over and your mental faculties switch off?

  6. James

    Well done Tom, it can’t be easy keeping us in check and having enough spare time to run this.
    I noticed Labour Outlook has now closed, another one bites the dust.
    Special mention to Johnny Norfolk who still manages to wind you up.
    Are you leaving blog as is, or revamping as you mentioned the other day?

  7. Thanks, James – I’m leaving the name as it is, but the URL will be changing shortly to something more appropriate. Watch this space.

  8. Zorro

    I’d be surprised it the readership was quite as low as that, given all the publicity Iain gave you a while back – but having said that, please drop the ongoing rather boring anti-Dave stuff or you might lose one more.

    I realise it’s tricky for you as a Labour MP but you’re really not going to convince any of us that we should vote Labour instead of Tory. I’d literally chew my own testicles off before I’d vote for Labour. (And anyway – living in Tunbridge wells, it wouldn’t matter one iota if I voted lib-dem, libertarian, english democrat or whatever…).

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t totally trust Dave and the new Tories. They are after all politicians. However they deserve a chance. Your lot have had 11 years and have made a complete pigs ear of the entire country. An end to boom and bust. Hahahaha, that was hilarious Gordon.


    Tom, do you actually get to speak to the dear leader in person? Perhaps you might mention to him that in fact the British people do NOT want him to get on with the job of running the country through these difficult economic times. We want him to GO. Just Go. Now. Please. He has NO democratic mandate, and he appears to be terrified of trying to get one. Just Go. Do the decent thing for the country. Admit you’ve screwed up and just GO! Tom, please could you paraphrase this to Gordon for me? (Warning you might need to duck!).

  9. Johnny Norfolk

    Its a great site Tom . you are the only Labour person that communicates with people outside the Labour party. You have printed my comments whan I did not think you would. If you could spread your openess to others in your party so there was more debate outside your party it would be a good thing.

    Glad you enjoyed getting ideas from the Tory Party Conference.

  10. daimyo84

    This is by far, together with Hopi’s, the best Labour blog there is. Keep up the great work Tom.

    PS.: Zorro, chewing your own testicles off? that’s just disgusting mate.

  11. Martin Cullip

    “this site only has about 100 regular readers. Well, it’s quality that counts, isn’t it?”

    Are you complimenting all of us? Or just being a true politician? 😉

    Seriously, thanks for the blog Tom, your success is well-deserved. I know it’s a silly thought, but sometimes I really believe that some of the opinions expressed here might actually mean Labour start listening to the people. I know, I have been described as a bit fanciful in the past, that’s just me I’m afraid.

  12. Headless

    Tom, I think the “100” number is those who subscribe to your blog through Google Reader.

    In fact, the number right now is showing as 102 – so you’ve 2 more!

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